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In the Matter of the Marriage of JS and KS, and In the Interest of Children

Case Conclusion Date: 05.01.2013

Practice Area: Divorce & Separation

Outcome: Bench trial - ruling in favor of my client (she ended up with the marital property, primary possession of the children, child support and spousal support)

Description: I represented the wife, and mother, in this divorce. The husband made very serious allegations against my client's mental health and ability to parent their children despite the fact that she never once threatened to harm her children. In fact, my client had raised their children throughout the entire marriage while the husband traveled for work. At the time the husband filed for divorce, my client was in need of medical help due to her depression caused by her husband's continual absence from the home. However, instead of trying to help the mother of his children get well, the husband had her forcefully removed from the marital home, cut off her access to the children and left her with almost no money to support herself (she was unemployed for over a decade as she stayed home to care for the kids). We found out later that the main reason the husband didn't try to help his wife get better is that he was preoccupied spending time and money on his girlfriend. It took well over a year, numerous experts, countless hearings and a multi-day trial, but in the end, my client got what she wanted, and more importantly, what she deserved.

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