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In The Interest of B.H.H., A Child

Practice Area: Family

Outcome: Temporary Orders Reached

Description: My client came to me in a difficult situation. She had a very young child, just a few months old, and was forced to care and pay for the child alone, as the child's father was not offering assitance. After our first court date, not only did the father begin taking an active role in his child's life, I was able to get my client compensation for child support and monthly insurance premiums as well as half of all uninsured health care costs. I am happy to report that my client has been extremely satisfied since obtaining our temporary orders. Currently, I am working on getting my client reimbursed for the child support and medical costs that were not paid to her during the first few month's of her child's life (the time period before she hired me). Once an agreement is reached, we will finalize the custody case.

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