During my case I had to call many times to follow up on how everything was going. I did not feel valued at all. Once I gave my $4000 retainer fee I was just another case number. I was not called by my attorney nor did she show during my final court date. Any correspondence was received by an assistant or another attorney working for Leigh Ann Bauer. She had another person take over my case, which I was NEVER asked about NOR informed till later. Afterwards I did not receive a phone call about the verdict and consequences. I ended up receiving a reckless driving with 30 day driving suspension. Which is what my attorney's legal assistant told me, but I was NOT informed from my attorney (or assistant) that I had to reinstate my driver's license after 30 day suspension and get sr-22 insurance. The biggest disappointment was the lack of communication about my case and feeling left in the dark.