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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Dana Widrig

    Jay Flynn - by Dana

    Jay has been my rock and a bright light in my life for many years. Since I've been working with Jay and his law partner Kristi Mckennon, my life has become such an amusing occasion in every way. I really recommend you get to know Jay if you have the time. Totally worth it!

    I was the victim of a home invasion where I was brutally beaten, raped, and left for dead. The maintenance man at the complex where I lived was a DNA match, as well as having a mountain of evidence against him, and was charged with the crime. I did not attend the trial except to testify as I was still recovering from this horrific incident and trying to cope with the physical and mental consequences in the aftermath. During the criminal trial, detailed facts were revealed that all duplicate keys to the resident’s dwellings were not secured by the management and that obtaining the duplicate key to my apartment was indeed how that man gained access to my home.
    One of my doctors had previously recommended Jay Flynn to me should I ever decide to move forward with a civil case against the complex. I’m summarizing this backstory as a preview of my experience with, and to emphasize the extent of compassion and trust, distinctive motivation to excellence, and life’s value and worth when a job is well done. I was an incredibly fortunate witness to how easily Jay Flynn and his law partner Kristina Mckennon brought these positive aspects back into my life after such a tragic event.
    When I heard news from the criminal trial that the duplicate keys to every person’s apartment home in that complex were not secured in any way (256 units), and the owners and management felt duplicate key security was insignificant under the circumstances, I made up my mind to change that. I could not live with the fact that such a horrific event could happen to someone else because of such a serious, yet easily solved problem, such as security of duplicate apartment keys. So I contacted Jay Flynn while the jury was still in deliberation during the criminal trial.
    The outcome of the criminal trial was in favor of the prosecution and the convicted criminal now serves 24 ½ years to life in prison. The civil case is now resolved also. And with Kristi Mckennon as the lead, teamed with Jay Flynn and myself, sponsored by Representative Gael Tarleton, ESHB1647 was signed into law in Washington State on April 26, 2013. This law bridges the gap in Washington State law regarding security of duplicate keys in residential rental dwellings.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Personal Injury client

    Real Estate Broker

    Handled 3 cases for us in the last 10 years. Very satisfied. Have referred others.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client


    Jay is an excellent lawyer, he has so much experience and is witty and stands his ground to win a case. highly recommend!