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Bevan Maxey’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jan


    Emotional and mental abuse in a marriage can leave you feeling like you are standing in the middle of a eight lane freeway at rush hour, stark naked. You can imagine the patience, interpersonal skills AND legal expertise it takes to work through such a divorce case.

    I will be forever grateful to Mr. Bevan Maxey, his assistant Jeannie and other members of his office staff who treated me with patience and respect as I struggled to get my feet back on the ground, as we moved through the divorce proceedings.

    If you are looking for an ethical attorney who has integrity, interpersonal skills and legal expertise, Bevan Mexey is your man. Yes, there are many atttorneys who have legal expertise but it is difficult to find legal expertise with the integrity this man displays.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Peter

    Very happy with Bevan Maxey

    We had a situation arise where we needed a defense attorney and Bevan was highly recommended by some other top notch attorneys we knew out of the area. We found he and his assistant Lexie to be professional, fair and absolutely competent. Bevan was very communicative throughout the process and we felt very safe and secure placing our legal situation in his hands. We highly recommend him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Judi

    Bevan Maxey review for divorce and custody case

    Bevan and his assistant Lexie were incredible through a difficult divorce and custody case. Their combined expertise, empathy, and committment to both me and my daughter went beyond my expectations. I would recommend them to anyone seeking legal advice that is ethical, respectful and timely.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Karmen

    Trusted & Respected. I would recommend Bevan, and have to any one needing a great lawyer.

    I first met Bevan and his legal assistant Lexie back in 2002. Because of some choices I had made I needed a defense attorney. I had heard from friends that Bevan was the best. I am very happy I listened to them, they were right Bevan and his legal assistant Lexie are the best. And the charges associated with this case were dropped.

    Now let’s fast forward 10 years. I was going through a divorce. So I called Lexie (I had called her every year on July 14th to let her know that I was still doing good) I told her I was in need because my husband wanted a divorce. She set up an appointment and we proceeded. Bevan and Lexie were both always willing to help and answer my questions. Divorce is hard but in my opinion mine ended well, it was nice to have them on my team.

    Bevan was also used for defense for my daughter’s as well, and like with my case 11 years ago we are very happy with the outcome. I felt very secure knowing my children were in the hands of the best.

    I have most recently hired Bevan for the 3rd party custody of my 2 grandchildren. Again I am grateful for the support I have with them. I know that I and my family are in good hands. When we need them Bevan and Lexie are the best!! And we did get the 3rd party action for my grand children.

  • 4.0 stars

    Posted by Terry

    Criminal Defense

    I was so overwhelmed at the time and Bevan came in and was so supportive, knowledgeable, quickly put my mind at ease. He kept me up to date throughout this process and was always available to give
    advice and counsel. This allayed my anxieties and fears about the entire proceedings. I had a lot of
    questions about what to expect and Bevan always answered them in a way I could understand and
    though very busy with other cases, he would always take time for me. I will always remember Bevan
    and his brother, Bill, as two of the helpful men I've met in my life. I can't think of enough good things to say about them.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    Mr. Bevan Maxey - "Great Attorney"

    I hired Mr. Bevan Maxey, who was highly recommended by another well respected Spokane attorney. As a professional who earns a good income, I needed to know that I was being represented by a very knowledgeable attorney. My case involved a complicated family law matter 3 years after my divorce. The original divorce had taken two years of litigation and was very contentious and costly to me. To allow time to pay off massive debts after the divorce decree, I had filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy which allows five years to pay off the debt. This precipitated numerous lawsuits from the ex-spouse that took close to 3 years to settle since many were frivolous and far reaching.

    As soon as the ink was dry on the Bankruptcy proceedings, an attempt was made to force continued alimony payments. There were loads of documents filed by opposing with great amounts of misinformation. Since there had been so much litigation through both the divorce and the Bankruptcy proceedings it became a very complicated legal issue.

    Mr. Maxey and his assistant Jeannie did an outstanding job of weeding through the massive amount of information and misinformation on this case. They did not miss a single detail, and provided great examples of case law to support our position and put a stop to this continuous litigation by a disgruntled spouse.

    Mr. Maxey and his staff were always very responsive to any phone calls or emails. They kept on top of the case from day one. It is obvious that the judge and other attorney's have a high regard for Mr. Maxey and his legal expertise. Mr. Maxey's billing is straight forward and honest. I would not hesitate to contact Mr. Bevan Maxey in the future for any legal matter.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Professional, honest, calm with an excellant assistant, Jeannie

    Bevin Maxey has guided me through custody modification. The opposing legal team includes my ex, a former partner in a law firm, who manipulates. Bevin Maxey and his trusted legal assistance Jeannie are excellent, supportive, professional and diligent. They are easy to work with, are excellent communicators and reach out to do the right thing for all involved. I highly recommend Bevin Maxey and the Maxey Law Firm.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    JOKE!!!!! Stay away

    What a joke! I worked with him and another attorney in his office and had all kinds of charges that were no real. He tried to charge me over $2000.00 in interest for being late/ not paying my bill and after I confronted him on it he dropped it to $800.00 Really? Even after our case was closed (yes we did win no thanks to them. I got records from three states proving my ex wife was a child abuser/ felon/ and moved twice with out informing me per our parenting plan. She agreed to settle when her attorney told her the judge would run her up the flag poll and she would loses all visitation)

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Responsive, Intuitive and Committed

    Bevan Maxey is by far the best attorney in Eastern Washington and possibly the entire state. His name alone strikes fear into opposing council. And yet, he simply does his job professionally without going into theatrics in court. He remains calm and collected under fire. This is most likely due to being highly prepared. He is very busy, but when he commits to a case, he sees it through to the end making a thorough attempt to dot every 'i' and cross every 't'. He has an assistant who, no matter how much he pays her, she deserves a raise. She is on top of everything often returning emails or calls within a few minutes and never fails to remember an important reminder or to pass on a message.
    The most striking thing about Bevan is how personally he seemed to take my case. It seemed almost as if mine was the only one. If you want something done right, this is the guy you need to call.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Committed, Creative, Responsive, and Exceedingly Competent

    Our visitation/custody case began as a relatively simply request of a high school age child for more visitation time. The opposing side, which had numerous connections within the legal system, fought tooth and nail creating significant confusion in the court and necessitating extremely competent legal representation and wisdom. This case involved not only the court, a guardian ad litem, but also police, therapists, and a number of community witnesses. In trial, we prevailed and our child was provided relief and support.
    I do not think this would have been achieved by a less-skilled or committed legal team. Bevan and his team were tireless in responding to each new diversion thrown at our case, as well as a series of unprecedented and certainly unanticipated initial actions by the court. As a client, I was faced with numerous lies, false accusations, and passive aggressive legal tactics. Bevan’s stellar reputation, especially in terms of his knowledge about the court as well as sensitivity to what is really best for a child in a hotly contested case, opened up crucial opportunities for us to present a strong case in court, but even more importantly, guided the process prior to court with a calm confidence and clear thinking that leveled all of the opposing threats, scare-tactics, and misinformation.
    Bevan’s assistant, Jeannie, was always responsive, emotionally supportive, interested, and engaged. Documents were well prepared, accurate, and written with tact and wisdom, always with the end-goal in mind which was child-centered rather than adversarial.
    As I observed Bevan in and out of court, I was reinforced at every turn that he holds a tremendous amount of respect in Spokane’s legal community and that this respect is well-earned and deserved. Our case became extremely difficult and convoluted because of the opposing side’s professional involvements with the court system. Lesser legal teams would have given up at numerous points. Bevan believed in the truth of our case as well as urgency of the matter for the child. He and his team were undaunted and never intimidated. I am extremely grateful for his skill and perseverance.