Vito R. De La Cruz

Vito R. De La Cruz

Photos & Videos

Spring brings out the ducks outside my office.
On the Tiger Mountain Trail near Issaquah.
I love to hike. This is from the Tiger Mountain Trail near Issaquah.
As a member of Tamaki Law.
Contributing and campaigning in 2008. I can safely say my guy won.

About Me 

I grew up in South Texas in a migrant farm worker family. My family didn't have much. In fact, we were often at hunger's door. However, my auntie, who was the first in my family to graduate from high school and college, stressed the importance of education and pushed, cajoled, kept me on track. I graduated from high school and was fortunate to attend Yale and later the University of California Boalt Hall School of Law.   


My career has been devoted to fighting for the underdog, from migrant farm workers, to the dispossessed, to the criminally accused, to those abused as children by priests, nuns, and those in power.  I believe in the equalizing power of the jury. I believe that justice is a moral imperative in modern society. I also believe that those that violate the safety rules must be held accountable. I have been fortunate to rise above the confines of poverty and devote my career to helping others.