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J. J Sandlin

J. Sandlin’s Legal Guides

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  • Divorce and Annulment, Simple Definintions

    What is a divorce? A divorce, also called a “decree of dissolution of marriage,” is a court order terminating a marriage. The marriage no longer exists after the divorce. Divorce is the termination o

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  • Product Liability Cases: The Basis of Recovery in Dangerous or Defective Products

    In order for a plaintiff to recover damages in a product liability case, they must prove one or more of the following theories. Here is a concise explanation of the typical legal theories argued when a product causes personal injury. Negligence Negligence constitutes a lack of...

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  • Personal Injury Case: List: To Do List

    Your Memoirs Please Give your attorney a clearly written chronology of events, including every detail, witness, name, place, address, phone number or memory of the time leading up to, during, and aft

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  • The Right to Remain Silent, Fifth Amendment Basics

    Police Interrogation in Custody The Fifth Amendment limits police questioning of a suspect being held in custody and the manner in which they carry it out. If the person being questioned demands to s

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