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Quinn Rosborough Dalan

Quinn Dalan’s Answers

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  • My sister filled a false police report. I was arrested and went to jail. Now I have an assult 4 charge on me. Have a court

    appointed attorney. If I don't like his results with court, can I hire an attorney and go to court again?

    Quinn’s Answer

    You would have to have a basis to be able to "go again" and "having a court appointed attorney" wouldn't be enough of a basis. If you plead you would only be able to "go again" if you could show that your attorney was ineffective (a very hard thing to show). If you lose in trial, your conviction would only be overturned on appeal if there were things that went wrong in trial and they were wrong enough to deserve a retrial. Most court appointed attorneys are excellent, dedicated to defense work and know what they are doing. But if you don't like how your court appointed attorney is handling the case then start trying to hire someone you do trust. You probably won't have a chance to "go to court again" once your case is finalized by either a conviction at trial or with a plea.

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  • How to get passed assault of a child 3rd degree.

    Having been convicted (by no contest plea bargain, for an accident!) of assault of a child in the 3rd degree *i fell asleep with him and he fell off the bed* and being a 1st time offender i was sentenced to 60 days electronic home monitoring 240 ...

    Quinn’s Answer

    Under the current law, you can't vacate (or remove) a crime against a person from your record.

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