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Robert Raymond Colbert

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Christine

    One Amazing Attorney!

    After my fiancé and I moved our families into Washington State for a solid job offer, it went south and we had no doubt that an attorney had to be brought into the situation to help us. I searched hard for a firm that looked to be authentic, established and all-in on our behalf. An upscale Seattle based lawyer took our case, extremely positive that we could prevail in this employee related case. The attorney knew we were already broke and hiring her required us to take out a personal loan. Regardless, she assured us that at the most she would only require $5,000.00 to complete and settle our case. That was the top end of her estimate.

    After $7,000.00 paid out and many long frustrating, stressful months going nowhere, we were out of money again. She had also mentioned continuing on a contingency if need be, stringing us along with that carrot. When we just could not come up with more money, she quickly changed her tune and said they could no longer represent us (unless we suddenly came up with another $30,000.00 or more).

    Now broke twice over; once by the ‘bad guys’ and a second time by the very firm we trusted and hired to help us, we were worse off than ever before.

    After licking our deep wounds again, I decided to not give up just yet. Out there somewhere there had to be an honest person who wasn’t just out for the money. Interviewing numerous attorneys only brought a long line of disappointments. I was about to give up on the world of attorneys when Robert Colbert’s email popped up. He inquired about the basics of our case and soon was asking for more details. He never created any false hopes and gave simple advice on some options we could look into.

    Over time, he became more genuinely interested. This is what our case needed – someone willing to take the time to fully understand and to believe in it.
    When we decided to take a leap of faith and a second crack at this already emotionally draining case, we indeed hired Robert Colbert.

    I had obviously lost all faith in attorneys… and Mr. Colbert brought that faith back. He is straightforward, detailed and diligent. He did not waste any time on anything. His every move is precise, productive and genuine. His attention to detail and how the law applies to every intricacy is impeccable. He is by far the most professional and productive attorney I have ever known. No contest. If you want it done right with honesty and integrity, Robert Colbert is the attorney for the case! It’s a relief to know that there are still all around awesome attorneys out there. Mr. Colbert is living proof of that!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Becky

    Very Happy Client of Robert Colbert

    I had a belligerent, alcoholic tenant in my rental and needed some piece of mind right away on what I could do to remove him. The very same day I called Robert he started working on a "Notice to Vacate." I couldn't believe it. Robert was reassuring, knowledgeable, communicated well, and was just plain nice to work with. He had the "Notice to Vacate" served legally and quickly as the timing was very important to me. I will definitely use him again. I can't say enough good things about him!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Laurie

    Client of Attorney Robert Colbert

    I have to say that this is the most honest and respectful attorney I have ever met and hired. I'm not a fan of attorneys in general and Mr Colbert is the finest professional and would recommend him for any sort of legal issue that one may have. He is prompt to meet deadlines and has the ability to communicate to those who may not understand fully about the law. And yet, he has the ability to listen to those of us who have hired attorneys in the past and know something about legal issues. As a client, he has never talked over my head and has always taken time so that I understand what the law means to my specific cases. He is truly the BEST attorney I have ever hired.