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Matthew Philbrook

Matthew Philbrook’s client reviews

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  • Cowlitz issues

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Matt was very professional in handling my case. There was no real incident of injury that occurred in my case but I was accused of an assault. I had never been in trouble before. Matt was able to get my case reduced from an assault 4 to a public disturbance, no jail time, no public service, very minor probation and a small court fine. Also, Matt always answered or returned my calls promptly and with concern. From the moment I spoke to him about my case he showed much concern and gave & showed me he was on my side. He did amazing at standing up for me. He saw that I have never had a criminal record and am a model citizen. I live in the Portland Metro area yet, Matt gave me more than his best for me personally on my particular incident. It is my utmost respect I give Matthew Philbrook. I highly recommend that anyone who needs Matt's expert advise, guidance and judicial protection seek him out.

  • DUI while parked on private property / CDL

    1.0 star

    Posted by Erik

    Standing in court for my first hearing, Matthew was there for another client and offered to stand-in on my behalf. My first impression was that he appeared knowledgeable, outgoing and caring. Was that his way of pitching himself onto new clients? Now with his business card in my hand, I was also referred to Matthew through a local Bail Bonds establishment. Upon our initial appointment, I was reassured by his staff as to how knowledgeable he was and that he was a Godly man. During our meeting he also reassured me that based on the facts of my case, that was was sure that he could get me off on a Neg 1. I initially had a good feeling about his "sales pitch" and decided to go with his services (Not knowing anything about attorneys, I should've done more research). $2,500 in fees were to be paid at the time of the agreement (Matthew indicated that he required payment in full, up front, with no option for a payment plan).

    Because he is the professional on DUI/CDL cases, I paid him expecting a certain level of work to be done as he indicated he would be doing during our first meeting. He pitched me indicating he'd be doing a number of things in which never occurred. He only showed up twice in my hearings. The others times, he sent someone else in his place.

    When setting up and paying the fees for my DOL Hearing, I made a great mistake by having my DOL hearing appointment sent to a different address, instead of the one on my license. In which made me miss the hearing. I had already excepted the outcome because of my negligence, but Matthews secretaries said they would try to get it appealed and try to get it rescheduled. Knowing nothing about how that works, I left that up to them. Evidentially in the end, nothing could be done about it from what they indicated. From that point, on, just seemed like they were too busy to help me any further with my case. I recalled at the time, that I never once got a call from them, updating me on my case. I'd call and have to keep calling and leaving messages, because I couldn't get anyone to call me back. I thought maybe I need to stay on them? I had my own job to do and that's what I figured I had paid them $2,500 to do.

    Five month later, at the last hearing, Matthew indicated that we could goto trial, but I opted out, because I just wanted this to be done and start working through the results. Since the dollars were already piling up. I think, out of the whole non-communication process with Matthew, what bothered me most, was that as he sat in front of me in court, he shows on his phone, the exact amount of fines I owed, to the Prosecuting Attorney and they laughed about it and she congratulated him. That left me wondering, who is he really working for? Cause he certainly didn't try to get anything reduced on my behalf.

    I've learned several things through all of this and if it was a do-over, I would've gone with a court appointed attorney. Because things could've only been better then just paying for the new office floors and still getting the same results as when I began.

    *Do your research before you make your decision. Don't just base it all on experience.

  • Excellent Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Mr. Philbrook is trustworthy, professional and a lawyer who has the utmost integrity. He represented my daughter for a questionable traffic ticket and successfully had the violation dismissed. Mr. Philbrook is my family's first choice on the rare occassion we need legal representation.

  • Great advocate!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tracy

    I was charged with a DUI in the City of Battle Ground. Matt was confident that he would be able to get the charge reduced, and came through with better results than what he told me to expect.