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Jeffrey W Holmes

Jeffrey Holmes’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jenise

    Exceptional Attorney!

    Look no further! Jeffrey Holmes is an excellent choice to help with your legal matter. I had been dealing with a Custody issue since 2012. When I needed to employ another attorney earlier this year, I was very lucky to have found Mr. Holmes! He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful when I contacted him. I had consulted with several different lawyers and knew that Mr. Holmes was the best person to represent me. He has an incredible comprehension of our legal system and what is required for a successful outcome. Mr. Holmes gave great guidance throughout the entire process of my case and was completely responsive to all of my questions/concerns. I was very happy with the end result of my case and I have Jeffrey Holmes to thank for it! I would refer any family member or friend to him for excellent legal help.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    Wholehearted Professional

    It was the single most frustrating and infuriating event of my life. My whole world had been turned upside down by what ended up as Parenting Plan but started out with horrendous false allegations of child abuse. I was initially restrained from any contact with my very young child, our family unit was broken apart and forced to live separately. Though I understand the process is designed to work with the best interest of children in mind, it was an excruciatingly painful time.

    Jeff, was not the original attorney hired for my case and for that I have big regrets. I made a poor choice in the beginning and I knew I needed to find much better counsel. I desperately searched for a new attorney, calling nearly a dozen different law offices. Jeff responded personally within a matter of hours. He was not the only one to respond but, he was who I chose for good reason. His very approachable demeanor and compassionate manner of speaking was immediately apparent over the phone. He spoke frankly and sincerely without reservation even before we had signed a contract. His genuine concern for others in need of help extends beyond a commitment to pay for his invaluable advice.

    Jeff brought light to the end of a very dark tunnel, where my first attorney offered no relief to our family's strife, with no plan of action, Jeff presented immediate options; he sought out answers to questions and always kept me up to speed with information. Often times Jeff would reach out to me just to touch base and ask if I had any questions. He is open to communication at anytime and if not available on the spot, I could depend on him to respond by the end of the day. Numerous times I have received responses to late day emails sent to Jeff, within an hour or two. He is likely the most responsive and accessible individuals I have ever met.

    Jeff's knowledge of the law, familiarity with the system and ability to utilize resources were put to work for me and my family. When we thought we were at a dead end, while working with a different attorney, Jeff came on board, making phone calls and finding the right people to contact to subpoena information to get our case rolling again. I put absolute trust in him.

    Even after my case has ended and things are back to happy within our family, Jeff still offers his assistance if any questions or concerns arise. I hope to never go through that sort of senseless ordeal again but if we should ever need help, I know exactly whom I will call. Jeff Holmes is worth his weight in gold in our book.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by SRF

    Money Well Spent

    I hired Jeff after having two lawyers before that did little but take my money. My ex-wife has thrown every allegation at me and cried her way through many court appearances. Luckily, Jeff saw through the BS and helped me gain more custody of my son, reduce my child support, all while staying out of the courtroom. I am sure I will be back in court regarding my son but I have already referred him to my cousin and will re-hire him when the next set of problems arise with my ex.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Amber

    Would for sure hire again!!

    Absolutely amazing!! Responded to my emails almost before I could even log out of the account. Kept me in the loop on even the most minor of details. Talked to me like a person, explained things to me in a way that I could understand without coming off as condescending. Helped me every step of the way with the confusing and emotional custody process.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Trustworthy and reputable while still being compassionate

    Jeff took my case when I needed someone trustworthy since I lived out of state. He was always available and very timely when dealing with my divorce. Jeff is a reputable attorney because he not only worked with me and my schedule but also showed compassion which a few attorneys I hired prior to had not. His fees are very reasonable and he is very patient. He was able to get me majority of what I had asked for in my divorce.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Speeding Ticket client

    Would Recommend

    Attorney was helpful in my reckless driving and speeding case. End results of the case were positive. Case was not dismissed but favorable terms were negotiated for the reckless driving. Speeding was dismissed for lack of evidence. Would recommend this attorney. Thank you.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    competent, helpful and caring

    I contacted Jeff with some questions regarding a child support modification, after running into multiple dead-ends and being told "sorry, nothing can be done" by several other area lawyers. Jeff not only returned my call the same day, he spent an hour answering my questions and providing me with information other people I had spoken with had previously not given, or just given me a "maybe".
    I actually wish I had come across Jeff and had his representation during my actual divorce, and any needs I have going from here on out I will definitely be going through Jeff again. I definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone, his honesty, rapid response, attention to detail and care have won me over!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Domestic Violence client

    Jeffrey W Holmes Review

    In March & April of 2013, Mr. Jeffrey W Holmes was referred by the county court to represent me in my Assault in the Fourth Degree case. The court had determined that I was “Near Indigent” which meant I qualified for low-cost legal representation valued at $400. Understanding that $400 typically does not provide for much legal service, I was expecting the worst. This was not the case with Mr. Holmes’s legal service.
    This being the first legal matter I’ve ever dealt with, I was very dependent on the advice and guidance of Mr. Holmes. Upon review of my case, Mr. Holmes recommended that I apply for the courts optional Diversion program, and if approved by the Prosecuting District Attorney, and accepted by the Diversion counselor, prior to my court appearance, the judge may follow the approvals of each and accept my request for Diversion and avoiding a trial.
    Mr. Holmes clearly provided the steps I should take in preparing for acceptance into the Diversion program, while at the same time he would contact the DA’s office to ask their recommendation of my entry in Diversion. When Mr. Holmes’s phone calls and emails went unreturned from their office, he went to them and waited to be personally seen by the DA in order to explain my case and ask for their recommendation and approval to the Diversion Program. When he left their office he was carrying a signed recommendation that we hand delivered to the Diversion Program, which they in turn approved.
    This extra effort by Mr. Holmes proved to me, that in spite of the low fee he was receiving for his services, he was committed to providing the best possible legal service he could. That effort and commitment resulted in a judgment that he (we) worked hard, and hoped for.
    I found Mr. Holmes to be very informative, knowledgeable, attentive and personable. His commitment to my case was genuine and well guided, resulting in a positive judgment. I truly appreciate all that Mr. Holmes brought to my case and highly recommend his services to those in need of legal support.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    Protection Order-Great Results

    I retained Jeff Holmes to represent me on a protection order in Clark County District Court. Jeff helped me craft a strategy to combat the fallacious claims against my personal character. Mr. Holmes did such a good job that when the Petitioner in the case was served with our declaration, she decided not to show up to court and the case was dismissed. I would recommend Mr. Holmes legal services to anyone looking for a well rounded attorney who understands the law and can protect you from false attacks at your character. Definitely worth the financial investment for the peace of mind I have now.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Crystal

    Don't hesitate to use Mr. Holmes' services!

    Jeffrey Holmes is without a doubt the best attorney I've ever used. My husband and I used him for two criminal traffic violations we received while traveling from Salem to Seattle. I interviewed about 5 attorneys before settling on Mr. Holmes and I knew from the way he responded to my questions he was the right choice.

    Throughout the entire process Mr. Holmes was extremely responsive, informative and knowledgeable. He made it so my husband and I didn't have to take more time off work to travel back to Washington (we had 3 court dates scheduled!) which was so helpful. He was able to get one of our tickets dismissed and the other reduced to a non moving violation with a low fine. We were so pleased with the outcome!

    Mr. Holmes was not only the most communicative and knowledgeable attorney we could have worked with, but he charged us an extremely reasonable fee and worked with our financial situation. I only wish he practiced law down in Oregon so I could recommend him to everyone I know!