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Jeffrey W Holmes

About Jeffrey Holmes

About me

I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Washington, and have lived here my whole life.  I attended the University of Washington beginning in 1999 to pursue my Business degree.  After completing that pursuit, I chose to stay in Seattle to receive my Law Degree from Seattle University. 


After graduation from law school in 2006, I chose to move to Clark County to accept a job working as a Deputy Proseucting Attorney to help members of the community I live in.  During my 5+ years as a Deputy Prosecutor I was fortunate to assist hundreds of victims through my work as a Prosecuting Attorney, and handled thousands of criminal cases while working in the District Court unit, the Junvile Court unit, and lastly in the Domestic Violence Unit.  I litigated a number of matters at jury trial, having conducted over 100 trials in my time working in Prosecuting Attorney's offices.  My caseload included cases ranging from simple and gross misdemeanors as well as Felony Asssault, Robbery, Burglary, Rape, Kidnap, Felony Harassment, Third Strike prosecutions and multiple Attempted Murder prosecutions.


My passion for assisting members of the community led me to continue work in the field of criminal law as a defense attorney, but also led me to the fields of Family Law, Personal Injury, and Distressed Property in Real Estate (Short Sales and Foreclosures).  All of these practice areas can be stressful, difficult, and frightening to navigate alone without the assistance of an attorney, which is why I chose to practice in these areas.  I believe that individuals dealing with legal matters in these fields deserve to have a knowledgable attorney assist them regardless of how much money they earn or have in their bank account.  I strive to be flexible in working with individuals from all walks of life to assure they can get the assistance they deserve to help navigate through a complex legal system.

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