Christopher M Veley

Christopher M Veley

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About Me 

 I have practiced law since 1999 and I am licensed to do so in Washington.   

My practice concentrates on civil litigation, legal advice, and disputes relating to real estate, construction, banks, homeowners associations, businesses, and individuals.  This includes:  construction contract drafting, review and advice; representation of contractors and owners regarding construction defects and other disputes relating to the construction industry; construction lien preparation and foreclosure; commercial contract disputes and breach of contract actions; complex commercial litigaiton; bank litigation; debt collections, including lawsuits, garnishments and property seizures; judgment liens; judicial and non-judicial real estate foreclosures (serving as attorney for the lender and/or as the foreclosure trustee); real estate contract litigation; adverse possession, boundary line, fence line and other neighbor disputes; express and implied easements; matters involving restrictive covenants and height restrictions; nuisances; representation of homeowners associations and enforcement of the HOA's Conditions, Covenants & Restrictions (CCRs); representation of commercial landlords involved in disputes with tenants, including evictions; and other disputes and issues between individuals, businesses, shareholders, HOAs, neighbors, property owners, banks, construction contractors, and/or material suppliers.



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