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Daniel N Cook

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  • I've separated for 2 1/2 years. Husband is cheater I want to move in with a man I met. What will that mean in case of divorce?

    I have substantial savings. He blew all of his and some of ours. Married for 32 years. He is retired military. My husband sends me $2000 a month from Military retirement. 50 % is mine according to military law. Will my husband have rights to my s...

    Daniel’s Answer

    A spouse who threatens to fight everything can be handled by a good family law attorney. After 32 years of marriage there are many factors to consider. It is difficult to provide comprehensive advice in this type of situation online. Definitely set up a consultation with a good family law attorney. You can get many questions answered in an initial consultation.

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  • How can I enforce judgements for back spousal support, utility bills, and present spousal maintaince.

    my husband filed for divorce, the courts awarded spousal maintance to me and for him to pay all back utilities, and back mortgage payments, and present spousal maintance, but he has defied all court orders, hide all money and left the state and th...

    Daniel’s Answer

    You need to consult with an attorney. If you only have orders for him to pay things and he is not complying, you should consider a motion for contempt and entry of a judgement against him. If you already have a judgment, then there are a variety of enforcement options which may be available to you., including getting an order to nake your former spouse show up and disclose financial resources in court, or garnishing wages, bank accounts or toys ( e.g., extra cars, ATVs, watercraft, etc). Depending on the circumstances, these are cases that can sometimes be handled with a small retainer and a contingency fee. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss in more detail.

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  • Can the court make the petitioner in a child custody case pay for my attorney fees if they committed Fraud?

    I need an attorney for a child custody case. I had to go to Federal Prison for 18 months for money laundering so I gave temporary custody of my 3 year old to my aunt and uncle who are loaded with money. While I was in prison they filed for...

    Daniel’s Answer

    You and your lawyer could discuss the pros and cons of filing a motion to vacate based upon fraud or possibly simply filing a Petition for Modification of the Parenting Plan. Fraud is a very high threshold so that could be extremely difficult to actually prove. But there are many factors to consider. This is a challenging case that will only get more challenging as more time passes. I encourage you to act promptly And avoid delay. Get in to see a good custody lawyer ASAP and be prepared to pay the retainer. In the long run it becomes an investment in your relationship with you child, which is priceless.

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