I have been working with Kimberly since 2009, she has always gone above and beyond to ensure i was taken care of and i was happy with the outcome. lets be honest: When you are a divorced Father with children in the prejudice state of Washington and residing in the corrupt family court system of Pierce county, you will always have an uphill battle just for being a man. Kimberly helped me win a parenting plan that allowed me to see my son to my satisfaction and provided me the ability to get the heck out of WA. Since i am out of state, Kimberly successfully handles ongoing issues regarded my x-wife's ongoing breach of the parenting plan. Kimberly recently resolved a malicious attack / so called "mistake" by my x-wife's attorney, saving me thousands of dollars in a so called "miscalculated" judgment in child support that was already paid. Kimberly will not allow her clients to be taken advantage of, she will ensure your success on this life long road. Kimberly is the attorney that you wish you had if you chose some one else!