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William Allen White

About William White

About me

I don’t know what you do in life but I defend the accused.

Defending someone who is accused of a crime is more than “getting them off.” It is about giving their life back to them. The person who is in a legal difficulty because they made a mistake needs an attorney. The person who has not done what they are accused of absolutely needs an attorney. The innocent person is ground up just as well as the guilty. Do not let this be you.

If you are accused of a crime or even if you might be, get a lawyer. Do not expect that the system will get it right. If you are suspected of a crime the full force of the government will be put to work to investigate and prosecute you. The government has a cadre of lawyers who specialize in prosecuting you.

What kind of a lawyer you need depends upon what you are accused of doing. Do not have your real estate, business or other lawyer dabble with your criminal case. Get a criminal defense attorney. If you are accused of driving under the influence get a lawyer who defends people who are accused of this crime. Every year the laws are changed and your lawyer needs to know these changes.

Most importantly, get a trial lawyer. Lawyers have reputations and government lawyers know which lawyers will fight and which ones do not. The trial lawyer will cost you more because they do more but you need to maximize your opportunity to obtain the best result.

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