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Leslie Eugene Tolzin

Leslie Tolzin’s client reviews

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  • Last chance 4 life

    5.0 stars

    Posted by carl

    Hired attorney

    my name is Carl Smith and I would like to tell you a very short story. I was at a bar one night in Spanaway and a fight broke out and somebody got stabbed and died. They snagged me up with three other people and we were tried and convicted for murder in the 2nd° I was sentenced to 35 years. To make a long story short seven years had went by and the court of appeals division to the court of appeals said that I did not get a fair trial and granted me a new trial so after seven years in prison they came and got me and put me back in Pierce County jail and that's where Mr. Leslie E tolzin he represented me in my new trial.

    After seven years of incarceration I really thought that my hopes would not be very high. But Leslie believed in me and we started working together. Leslie was like a pitbull in my trial he latched on to something and wouldn't let go until it was submitted. When the case went to the jury my jury was only out 15 minutes and came back with a not guilty verdict. I would like to thank Leslie for all his hard work and would recommend him for any type of case. Sincerely yours Carl Smith

  • Great experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nobi Roni

    Consulted attorney

    Great Profesionalism and really looking for client benifit the most. Know exactly what he's doing and give the best advice right the way.

  • Great to work with. Highly recommended!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Les was great to work with. I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice or representation. He helped me to get the best possible outcome in my case and was willing to take it all the way to the end. I would use Les again and of course recommend him to others. In fact I already have.

  • Couldn't have asked for any better!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Domestic Violence client

    My wife was being harassed by an old boyfriend she had over 40 years ago. Because we have been married for over 30 years I also felt threatened. Everyone who examined our situation agreed that the harassing ex-boyfriend clearly has significant psychiatric problems and that further fueled our fears. When the ex-boyfriend filed a petition saying we were harassing HIM we decided it was time to get a lawyer.

    We contacted Mr. Tolzin on the advice of a long time family friend who had worked with Mr. Tolzin for several years. We had to travel several hundred miles to meet with him for our initial consultation that lasted over 4 hours. During our meeting Mr. Tolzin immediately began to research our case in our presence by calling the legal staff where our hearing was scheduled, consulting with another lawyer in his office, reviewing the relevant law, preparing our declarations, etc. Not only did we like him very much personally, we could directly observe his working style as we sat with him. We didn’t have to trust that he was competent we, could see it for ourselves.

    We discussed various legal strategies with him and unprompted he always mentioned the cost associated with each one and focused on minimizing expenses. After several hours of discussion we were sure we wanted to hire him so we settled on a strategy and the associated charges that were more reasonable than I initially thought they would be.

    Mr. Tolzin never trivialized our fears and went out of his way to keep our location hidden from the harasser, suggesting where to park, what to wear to the hearing, etc. These may seem like small issues if you’re not the one being harassed but they were incredibly important to our feeling of safety when dealing with harassment that had the chance of a personal confrontation or even violence. During the hearing he was respectful of both the judge and the harassing ex-boyfriend in order to keep the emotional temperature low and not further inflame the situation.

    The judge did dismiss the unjustified complaint against us and we feel safer than before. It’s not only winning but just as importantly how you win that matters. Winning in a way that minimizes possible future problems and litigation is best and that’s exactly what Mr. Tolzin did for us.

    Mr. Tolzin’s email communication was very prompt and responsive to our questions and concerns. And it hasn’t stopped despite our “win”. He continues to offer help, with no additional fees, with other steps we might take regarding this harasser.

    I would unreservedly recommend Mr. Tolzin. I might add that there were several side discussions we had that clearly indicated Mr.Tolzin is truly understanding, sympathetic and sensitive regarding issues relating to race and feminism.

  • Excellent job.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    I was charged with a fairly bad felony. The whole process took over a year but in the end Mr. Tolzin was able to get a not guilty verdict from the jury. Through out the trial he displayed his experience well, showing that he was in control of the situation every step of the way. With out a doubt Mr. Tolzin is an excellent trial attorney and I will be forever great full.

  • Leslie Tolzin SAVED MY LIFE

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joseph Naimo

    Les Tolzin, SAVED MY LIFE. I was 62 years old, my wife committed suicide. Because I was the husband and NOTHING else, no evidence, no motive, no insurance benefit, no other woman NOTHING, I was charged with 1st degree murder. I was facing 26 years in prison, at 62 years old thats a death sentence.

    The prosecution fought and fought to keep the truth from coming out. Leslie Tolzin fought harder to make sure the jury was able to hear the truth. Because there was no evidence against me, the prosecutor tried to twist words, the police tried to twist words to make me look guilty. Leslie Tolzin grabbed ahold of their twisted words and UNTWISTED their statements and the jury heard the truth and today I am a free man.

    To anyone who reads this, do not think because your innocent you will be set free, our legal system is not about the truth when it comes to the prosecution all they care about is winning, they do not want a jury to hear the truth. If I had had a court appointed lawyer or any lawyer that was anything less then the best , I would be spending the rest of my life in jail.

    Leslie Tolzin will not stop fighting for you, he has the background the experience and HE CARES- BELIEVE ME! I WAS THERE, it happened to me. I am alive and FREE because of LESLIE TOLZIN. THANK YOU LES.