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Jonathan A Baner

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  • Call Mr. Baner! I can not stress enough - how beneficial calling Jonathan Baner is - prior to any decisions. Takes 2 minutes.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jake

    Jonathan Baner is a remarkable attorney. Moreover, he is a truly brilliant and noble man who's integrity is evident after only a few minutes of being in the same room with him. I was fortunate to call Mr. Baner's phone number following being served with papers by the police. The documents informed me that my ex-girlfriend - who I hadn't seen for 2 months prior - had made false DV claims and was petitioning for a protection order.

    I thought I was doomed, I had no idea what to do. I didn't have enough money for an attorney and the hearing was in a matter of days. Not expecting much, I decided to call a law office in order to try and mooch some legal advice for a direction and called Jonathan Baner. At a time when I didn't think much of people in general - who would have thought it would be a lawyer that would be the one to change this negative outlook? Even though I couldn't pay him the complete amount of the very reasonable fees for his services - he still offered to defend me and my name against these bogus allegations. Just thankful for Mr. Baner's kind gesture, I was expecting limited attention like I would expect at any place of business under the same circumstances. I couldn't have been more wrong. Jonathan Baner defended me like I was some wealthy, high-profile man of status who paid up front in full and gave my situation 10x more effort and attention than I ever could have expected.

    Not only did Mr. Baner get me a favorable ruling, he provided me an example of the type of man I wish to strive to eventually emulate someday. I will never forget what he did for me when I was in that helpless and confusing place in my life I found myself in. Inasmuch, I will never use another attorney in the future, other than Jonathan Baner.

    (These are my honest thoughts and opinions contained in this review. All of the above is genuine and factual. Jonathan Baner did not ask me to write this, nor have we ever spoke of the subject regarding online reviews on this website or any other website in the past.)