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Sophia May Palmer

Sophia Palmer’s client reviews

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  • Excellent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carly

    Hired attorney

    Sophia has represented me through my parenting case and helped my case tremendessly and has also just won my protection order case. When she represents me I know and feel how much she cares, believes in me, and puts everything she's great at into representing me. The amount of hard work and care she puts into all of my cases is amazing and such a huge relief to have her representing me. She is amazing!

  • Truely Amazing

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marcel

    Hired attorney

    I was in court for my first hearing and I watch Sophia first hand. She wasn't my lawyer at the time but I saw enough that day to retain her for her services that week. She was so patient and knowledgeable and help me win custody of my son from his mom. I will turn to her first anytime I need legal advice or to help me fight in the future. She truely is an amazing person

  • An Attorney worth the Money

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Traci

    I received a referral from another attorney when I needed assistance with submitting the paperwork for a split order to divide a retirement account awarded as a QDRO written into a decree of marital dissolution. I was reluctant to hire another attorney because I have felt taken advantage of by attorneys that I have hired in the past to do work I needed but that did not provide good service and charged exorbitant fees.
    Ms. Palmer was responsive, competent, and kept me updated about my case. I was very pleased with her work and with the fees I paid for her service. I would highly recommend her to others who need the services of an attorney in family law.

  • An excellent Lawyer and Warrior

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeremy

    I spent two months interviewing lawyers because I was trying to get divorced and I knew I needed the best. Although every lawyer that heard my case said it's as close to a slam dunk, every well known lawyer wanted to charge me double what Sophia would charge...that or the service looked to be completely lacking...sometimes both!

    My first meeting with her was more productive than all the other lawyers combined. She told me whar was reasonable and doable. At the same time i knew she understood the shock and horror of my situation.

    She moved quickly to protect my son, my house and my parents in exparte. She then fought for me and my son in our first hearing. The commissioner was so inundated with her arguments, facts, and ecodence but he had no choice but to agree. She even got my x to agree to planned supervisex visitation which prior to this was a nightmare.

    At the end of my open court hearing another man approached me and said, "Hey can i have ypi ur lawyer's number? She is really good!" Granted my case is unusual and i have a lot of evidence but Sophia will foght for you with a vigor and she has been my Warrior in the court. She is exactly ehat i have needed so far.

  • Sophia fought hard to help me get my parenting plan fixed!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    Sophia is very personable and professional, I would recommend her and will use her again for anything related to my children. Thanks again Sophia!!

  • My case was won the day I retained Sophia

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Eric

    You will read my review and think to yourself that I'm either, A) a family member of Sophia's, or B) a life long friend. I am neither. The first day I met Sophia was in her office the day I decided to retain her. I seriously consider it one of the best days of my life because she helped me fight for my son (and win)! I will be able to make many great memories with my son as he grows up and Sophia is the reason why.
    This is how I crossed paths with Sophia. I spoke to my cousin who works in a law firm in Seattle. She referred me to a family law attorney that was "the best in his field". He works out of Seattle, I needed an attorney in Pierce County. He referred three attorneys to me. Two were his previous co-workers/schoolmates and the third was Sophia. He had gone up against Sophia in a case a year or two earlier. He told me....."Sophia is awesome, she defeated me in a case previously and it's clear she is a great attorney". That was enough for me. When your "opponent" recommends you, especially after being defeated, because of the quality of the work that was done that speaks volumes in my opinion.
    From day 1 Sophia couldn't have been any better for me and my case. I'm a 42 year old male that was fighting for custody of my three year old son. I'm big into communication and she couldn't have been more engaging during the process. I asked her a lot of questions and she would answer them in a way that I not only could understand, but in a way that showed me her thought process to get us to where we needed to be in my case. She would respond promptly. Not once was I frustrated waiting to hear back from her. Sophia gets an A+ for communication and being responsive in my opinion. This might not interest some people, but I appreciated it. Sophia was never once interested in disrespecting my son's mother (and with what my son's mother has done to me, she could have easily done so) it was always about highlighting my strengths as a father, but most importantly showing the judge what was in the best interest of my son.
    Regarding her knowledge, let's just say, when you are in a room with her, you won't be the smartest person in the room. ha, ha. All kidding aside, Sophia would ask my opinions/thoughts for specific topics in my case and she would then present to me some different options and ideas of what we should do to get there. If I suggested something that I thought would make me look good (help my case) in front of the judge when in fact it wouldn't Sophia would explain why. Once again other A+
    for her. And.......Sophia is very funny. She's hilarious. She made me laugh on several occasions.
    I've always thought the words attorney and trustworthy shouldn't be used in the same sentence. I've had a bad experience with another Tacoma area attorney and he was less trustworthy than the person I was going up against in my case. Anyway, let's just say that Sophia's picture should be next to the word trustworthy in the dictionary.
    As I said before, the day I met Sophia will impact me and my son's life forever. I never once felt like Sophia was doing this to "earn a paycheck". I felt like my fight for my son was important to her. I can't say enough great things about Sophia. Whatever negative thoughts you have of attorney's, disregard them when it comes to Sophia. If you are looking to retain an attorney and she is one of them you are choosing between, don't make a mistake and not choose her. I can promise you, whomever else you hire, won't be as great as Sophia is. And when you do hire her, you can come back here and thank me when you write your review of her. :)

  • Excellent Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kelli

    Sophia is a knowledgable and understanding attorney. She helped our family every step of the way. We will always use her in the future.

  • Excellent representation and true to form

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bryan

    Attorney's are susceptible to succumbing to shortcuts, borderline unethical practices, unprofessional aggressive behavior and intentionally causing high conflict situations in otherwise unnecessarily typical dissolution cases. Sophia will have none of it!

    I am thankful to have randomly found Sophia and her representation has been stellar. She has gained my trust as a client during her representation in an atypical dissolution case.

    Her desire to adhere to the practice of law and the professional responsibility necessary to achieve the desired goal of working in her clients interests are evident in Sophia's conduct with me; opposing counsel and before the bench. Her diligent work and uncanny ability to remember the facts and history involved in each of her clients cases she is avidly devoted to are indicative of an attorney who continuously strives and has earned the reputation desperately needed in family law.

  • She is great!

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Shonna

    Towards the end of my divorce about a month before pretrial, I was forced to find another attorney.... Luckily I found Sophia. She was such a breath of fresh air! Luckily things ended up in my favor and we did not end up in trial. But she was so professional and down to earth. Always attentive and has great communications!