Heather Rogers Straub

Heather Rogers Straub

Photos & Videos

At the Law Offices of Heather R. Straub, PLLC
At JBLM Military Court with co-counsel Stephen Carpenter.
With CPT Alex Straub at the US Court of Appeals for Veteran Claims

About Me 

I have been a trial lawyer for ten years and have been in the legal field for about 15 years total.  My practice focuses on criminal defense and military law, as well as related legal issues. I spend the majority of my time either in the courtroom, at trial, preparing for sentencing, negotiating, and working closely with clients to achieve the best outcome for each individual.  I work hard to present excellent written work and I have advanced training in negotiation and alternative dispute resolution.

My family has a long tradition of military service, and I especially enjoy fighting for my military members and their families. Defending juveniles in court is also particularly rewarding, but I work with clients from all walks of life and genuinely enjoy advocating for them. My clients like the fact that I'm passionate about what I do and my fearlessness in court, but also the fact that I'm a down-to-earth person they can relate to. Although I credit my Duke and UW educational background for teaching me how to think like a lawyer and developing my writing abilities, I know that what really makes me a successful attorney is my hardworking attitude and my passion for defending people who are facing their toughest legal challenges. If you have any questions about my practice and how I can help you, please call or email me. I offer a free consultation to discuss your legal concerns.

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