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Heather Elizabeth Forrler

Heather Forrler’s client reviews

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  • lacks abilty to work for the clients needs!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Ms. Forrler was unable/unwilling to help me! Even after taking a retainer, discussing the case,, her skills and my needs.....EPIC failure when it came to being in Court!
    She failed to provide me court documents in a reasonable & timely manner (I received than 48 before court), did not send me the pleadings associated with the hearing until AFTER the court date passed.
    She never attempted to introduce new evidence that could have helped stop a contempt charge and reduction on my maintenance.
    She did not bring forth my financial situation that I was already living on only $31 a month (a declaration was made) but she did not attempt to help me by raising my financial distress prior to court, at the court hearing and is now far worse situation I am forced into.
    She is unwilling to be proactive with or for a client. I would warn people to not consult with her, even for uncontested matters. She lacks ability to work for the clients needs. She spent more time talking to opposing counsel than she did with me that day, and the Sat just before combined.
    My concerns seemed to be unimportant and left unaddressed after she was paid the retainer, much to my detriment in the end.

    Heather Elizabeth Forrler’s response: “Critical feedback is greatly appreciated as an opportunity for me to examine the policies and procedures of the legal services I provide as part of my practice. I strive to promptly identify and rectify any errors in my processes and practice of the law. No one wants to be involved in legal proceedings, and when it is necessary, everyone hopes for the outcome most favorable for themselves. As an attorney I strive to achieve the most favorable possible outcome for each of my clients. My responsibility is to know the law regarding the issues at hand; the parameters which control what can and cannot be presented concerning the issues at hand; and to practice the most proactive, persuasive and ethical legal services. I must follow specific procedures for each court action and each case. All these must be adhered to exactly as they relate to the very precise services I agree to provide my clients in order to resolve their legal matters. With over a decade of experience as a practicing attorney, I am very much aware of those areas of the law for which I am best suited to serve my clients and most likely to achieve an outcome most favorable to them. For this reason I make very clear the specific matters I am able to represent them in. I make every effort to communicate very clearly and precisely the specific services I am, and am not, providing. Fees for these services are collected responsibly, and at a rate that affords my clients the best possible resources and ample time to prepare their case. Ultimately, the burden of deciding the outcome of a legal matter lies with the presiding judge, and though I may believe passionately the righteousness of my clients, the law is not partial to passion. The judge is responsible for hearing arguments from both sides, examining the relevant law, and applying that law to reach a final decision that is responsible solely and completely to the law, not the parties involved. Both myself and opposing counsel must respect the judge’s decision. If the outcome is not favorable to my client I am always happy to discuss any next steps that may be available or provide referrals to other resources.”
  • excellent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Andy

    Very good experience for a difficult time in my life. I recommend Heather for anyone contemplating divorce.