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After being a Civil Rights lawyer in South Carolina for about 11 years, I moved to Washington. That was about four years ago. I have been practicing here as a personal injury/trial lawyer since then, and still take on some civil rights/ employment law work. I now handle cases mostly in Kitsap, Pierce, and King counties, although I have accepted cases in Thurston county as well. I would certainly not shy away from working on a case due to distance. 


I began my legal career in 1995, working as a law clerk for a personal injury lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina, and started taking my first employment law/civil rights cases as soon as I passed the South Carolina bar, in 1996. From 1996 to the end of 1999, I worked in Florence, South Carolina, trying all kinds of cases, from small claims disputes over dog ownership to Armed Robberies, murders, and federal civil rights cases involving racial discrimiantion, sexual harassment, disability discrimination and wrongful termination by employers. I also helped small employers run their HR departments and deal with legal issues that arose when employees had disputes or difficulties with following the law or the work rules.


In 2000, I opened my own law firm, the Chalmers Johnson Law Firm, LLC, with two offices, and several lawyers, serving all counties in South Carolina. We accepted and tried mainly employment law/ civil rights cases against government entities and employers on behalf of individuals who were discriminated against or who wrongfully terminated. I continued to counsel business owners who wanted to be  conscientious of the federal and local employment laws.   I also began to develop a prolific appeals practice, in both State and Federal appeallate courts.


At the end of 2007, I sold my law firm in South Carolina and moved to Washington state. I took the Washington Bar and was licensed to practice in Washington in 2008. Since then, I have worked in both Pierce and Kitsap counties, trying mostly personal injury cases, "slip and fall" and Auto Accidents.


I have extensive trial experience, having tried over 90 cases to verdict before juries in South Carolina, as well as here in Washington, in King, Pierce, and Kitsap counties. A recent verdict, in Pierce County, was for a slip and fall case, and included an award of over $250,000.00. I have been before the appeallate courts in South Carolina and federal appeallate panels for the Fourth Circuit in Virginia over 30 times, and have argued before the SC Supreme Court on eleven occasions. The next case I have in South Carolina will be called for argumetn before the Supreme Court this spring. In Washington, I have argued in the appeallate Courts (division II) on two cases, with others briefed and waiting to be scheduled for oral argument.


In a nutshell, I am a very experienced and zealous litigator, and I really enjoy being a trial lawyer.