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Richard James Milham

About Richard Milham

About me

I have limited my practice of law to primarily personal injury matters over the last 30 years, and I have successfully resolved thousands of claims for people like you. These claims range from very modest injuries, to tragic injuries and death with recoveries of millions of dollars. I work on a contingent fee, and pay all costs out of my pocket, so you won't have to spend money up front to have the best representation. There is never any charge for a telephone, or in person consultation.


I was born in 1957, live and work in Gig Harbor, Washington. I suffered a neck injury in a high speed rear end car crash when I was 25 right out of law school. I settled that case with the insurance company without representation for a very small amount of money. I saw a doctor who did not take x-rays of my neck and he sent me to physical therapy. I found out 15 years later that I had broken my neck, and after that had disc herniations, and bilateral nerve root amputation. I have personally tried the majority of treatment modalities, with the exception of surgery. A three level cervical fusion was recommended over 14 years ago.


I have dedicated my career to make sure my clients don't make the same mistakes I made over 30 years ago. Getting the proper medical treatment is critical to your recovery, and the value of your claim. Having a knowledgeable, strong advocate is important to help navigate the insurance/legal system.