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Valerie Semmes Bouffiou

About Valerie Bouffiou

About me

One of the most terrifying moments in your life can come when you are charged with a crime. Trying to navigate the legal system can be overwhelming and confusing.  You need an aggressive and experienced attorney fighting for you. 


I spent the majority of my career as a prosecuting attorney handling every type of case from fish and wildlife violations to first degree murder, and, when I moved on, I began work as a pro tem judge in multiple courts.


What makes my practice different from others? I am selective about the clients I accept, and I keep my case load small. That means I have more time to devote to you and your case. 


My experience in the courtroom gives me special insight into your case. I know the consequences you are facing. I know how to identify evidentiary problems and your best legal defenses, and I dedicate myself to thorough investigation, research and negotiation on your behalf.


If you need an aggressive and experienced attorney, contact me at or call (425) 954-5293.