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Wayne Peter Pellegrini

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Crystal

    Great Mediator

    Wayne handled mediation between my daughter's father and I in August of 2012 and the outcome has literally changed our lives for the better. During my divorce, I was pro se and ex was represented by a snake-ish Spokane attorney. Multiple judges, commissioners, and attorneys in Snohomish County have had negative reaction after reading the old parenting plan...they shook their heads in disbelief. One commissioner said "This looks like it came from Lincoln County" which is where people handle their own divorces and do not know what they are doing. One attorney through CLEAR said "I don't know what judge would have approved this!" was THAT bad and it was completely biased and in favor of my ex. He tortured me with that plan for several years and bullied me and threatened me with contempt if I did not do everything he wanted. My daughter was traveling up to 4 weekends a month between Seattle and Spokane and on school nights just to comply with this plan. We would often arrive home after midnight on Sundays after enduring treacherous road conditions on Snoqualmie Pass.
    I am now very happy with our parenting plan as my daughter now never has to travel more than twice per month and her father now pays all airfare during the school year and we meet halfway during the summer. There are now also several provisions in the plan which make it very difficult for my ex to bully me or pull the crazy stuff he was doing before such as making numerous CPS reports against me, taking my daughter to Doctors and mental health specialist reporting false symptoms and behaviors as a way of trying to set up a custody battle. His power is now very limited thanks to the new plan Wayne expertly mediated and got him to agree to. My daughter is also so much healthier now that she is not traveling constantly. She was exhausted and run down and was sick quite literally almost constantly. Since the new plan has been in effect, she has only caught a minor cold or two. Wayne, I know you thought that I wasn't happy when I left your office because the one main thing I wanted, I did not get (getting visits down to once per month) BUT I want you to know that I am VERY happy! You have no idea how much better our lives are now and how much peace of mind I now have knowing that he cannot pull the same crazy stunts trying to gain custody that he was doing before. Thank you very, very much!

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Not acceptable

    I would strongly discourage using wayne. I used him for a parenting plan modification and was thoroughly disappointed. After reassuring me of his confidence I ended up losing everything we went to court for. He seemed baffled by this. My child support was cut in half. Lost an extra day with my child and lost the battle as to where my child would attend school. After convincing me not to try to settle in fear of losing more and getting deeper into debt I was informed I needed to pay my balance owed in full in ten days time or would be dropped. After paying we resumed the battle. I voiced my concerns over finances and after giving my bank account information ( which may be coincidental) I was informed by my court opponent that Wayne was no longer representing me. Sure enough when I got home I had received a letter of his intent to withdrawal as my attorney. I tried calling and sent e mail to ask for reasoning as I was completely confused as well as insulted. I was never given a call back. I feel this was absolutely un professional and rude. Needless to say I am out the moneys paid and searching for a new attorney.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Support client

    Read this before you hire him!

    I rated Mr. Pelligrini as "excellent" in the responsive category due to the fact that he is very communicative and answers my every call, is available when I need to see him BUT - and this is a huge BUT - he does that to run up billable hours! He made me lots of promises as to what he would do for me, but has not been able to fulfill any of them. He told me everything I wanted to hear along the way, but when my case went to Court he was unable to deliver - and I lost! He was disorganized in Court, the Judge was constantly having to instruct him and it was horrible.