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Kathleen Jane Marshall

Kathleen Marshall’s client reviews

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  • The absolute best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kaleen

    Kathleen Marshall was the lawyer I wanted and more importantly, the lawyer I needed. I had a not so excellent time with a different lawyer in the beginning stages of my divorce. I then found Kathy and everything changed. I felt like she was completely on my side and fighting for me the whole way. She made me feel like my feelings mattered and were important. She sat and talked to me and would ask how I was feeling, which made me feel so at ease with this whole process. She was actually part of my support system. Not just as a lawyer, but as a confidant. I cannot imagine going through this with someone else. I highly recommend her!

  • Your Solution for Hiring Family Law Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Justin

    Kathy Marshall

    Kathy Marshall is an exceptional family attorney. I have been fortunate to have her represent me. She helped me during an unfortunate separation that included false accusations of domestic violence. Kathy suppressed my worries about my child, and gave me hope that I would be in my son’s life. I now have regular visitations with him.

    Kathy Knows Washington State Law. As my attorney she explained the law in the way that made the laws of Washington State clear and concise to me.
    Kathy has provided me with a flexible repayment option for her services that many attorneys would not provide. She understands the complexity of the situation and has done this showing care and compassion for her cliental.

    As my attorney, Kathy supplied advice, emotional support as well as legal representation. As the client, I had difficulty seeing past the ending of a relationship to the new beginning. Kathy changed that. -Kathy Marshall has gone far beyond my expectations by following up and being a resource to me in the following years since her service. I would expect that some attorneys would have stopped assisting once the case came to a closure. This is not the case with this attorney and that’s why I not only see her as an exceptional attorney but also as a friend. Attorney Kathy Marshall has succeeded in gracefully creating closure on one important point in my life and has placed my feet in the starting position of a new and positive journey.

    Justin D

  • Great compassionate lawyer....

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Audrie

    Kathy helped me out so much with a case against my ex-husband. She was so kind and thoughtful and spent lot of time getting me prepared for what I was up against so I could be fully prepared!

  • A genuine advocate!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by April

    I used Kathleen Marshall for a divorce across the country. Kathy was so great to work with making a difficult situation much easier to deal with. Her communication was excellent, keeping me informed of everything. She handled everything with professionalism, while still having a personality, all in a timely manner. Kathy and her team were excellent to work with and I highly recommend them. They are true advocates for their clients!!

  • One of the best lawyer ever.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nydia

    After having a bad experience with another lawyer. Ms Marshall came through for me when I needed a lawyer. Ms Marshall took my case when my previews lawyer wouldn't respond to my case. After talking to Ms Marshall she assure me that she will get my case done. I live Maryland but my case was in Bellingham. I felt comfortable talking to Ms. Marshall. She really cared about my case. She listen to me. Ms. Marshall helped me get my divorce done. She also got me back child support. Because of her I have custody of my kids. Ms. Marshall thank you so much for everything.

  • Child case? Pick Kathy!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Liz

    I was dealing with a difficult child custody case. There isn't a way to explain the drama involved in this case! For me, the best part about Kathy, is that she truly cared about our case and understood the emotions involved with not being able to see your kids due to a disgruntled ex. She is amazing! She knows all the rules, knows which steps to take first, and knows how to keep you calm when your emotions are running high. She responded to every email - and I sent a lot! The difference between Kathy and other lawyers I have dealt with, is that she truly cares about people and kids and wants to see good things happen to good people. I will recommend Kathy for the rest of my life. thank you Kathy for being so great to us and helping us get visitation with the kids and get the child support ball rolling!!! Most importantly, for teaching us what steps to take and for being there when we needed you. Its nice to have a cheerleader through something like this.

  • A flexible and capable attorney.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chris

    After having a bad experience with another attorney in Bellingham, I can tell you I had a significantly more positive experience with Kathy. In our instance I was representing myself for a child relocation issue and had retained Kathy as an adviser and proxy to help move the paperwork through the court. Kathy was right there with me, listening to the situation, and advising me with her insightful wisdom throughout the process. She is a fascinating and personable woman and very easy to talk to. When the hearing date came, the commisioner surprised everyone and wouldn't let Kathy step away and let me represent myself as I had intended. Even though we were all caught off-guard, she was able to represent me well in the hearing and the relocation that I was seeking was granted.
    If you have a legitimate case and aren't just out to abuse the system, I would highly recommend the very competent and inspiring Kathy Marshall as your advocate.