Betsylew R. Miale-Gix

Betsylew R. Miale-Gix

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I have been winning personal injury and insurance cases for my clients for over 20 years. I believe that a lawyer must not only win, they must also care about and listen to their clients. I live that belief while working hard and well to obtain justice and fair compensation for my clients from those who hurt them and their insurance companies.

My goals are to facilitate each client's maximum rehabilitation and recovery, and to obtain the highest financial compensation for them through knowledge, skill, perseverance and great advocacy. For example, I made new law in Washington state by proving Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is both a psychological and a physical trauma at the Court of Appeals in Trinh v. Allstate. Because of that case, those injured in Washington state can now recover damages for serious PTSD from a collision under their own UIM/UM automobile coverage without having to prove other physical injury.

I give back to the community by working with non-profit and plaintiff attorney organizations, and through charitable donations. When not working for my clients, I enjoy throwing boomerangs as an elite level national and international competitor. I am a rock hounder, gardener and bird watcher who loves the outdoors and my family. I look forward to helping you.

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