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  • Adding someone to my house deed and change my name at the same time.

    Asked by a user in North Bend, WA - 7 months ago.

    I don't believe that one quit claim deed is appropriate. You should first do a quit claim deed to transfer the title from your current name to your new name, along with the excise tax affidavit. Use...

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  • No forwarding address for tenant

    Asked by a user in Redmond, WA - over 3 years ago.

    It is only your responsibility to send the secrity seposit to the last known address which in this case appears to be your property. Keep the mail, don't open it, and if and when the issue arises,...

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  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy and workers compensation settlement.

    Asked by a user in Flat Rock, MI - 7 months ago.

    You will need to have your plan and schedules amended to reflect the payment and the change of income. The reduction of your monthly benefits will likely affect the disposable income that is paid...

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  • In Washington State should I answer a Declaration for writ of Garnishment for Continuing Lien on Earnings (60 days)?

    Asked by a user in Seattle, WA - 7 months ago.

    You certainly want to respond; along with the Writ documents should be a document regarding any exemptions that you claim as to your assets. You should complete that form so as to protect your exempt...

  • Our bk case discharged 9/2009 filed 5/2009 mortgage was not reaffirmed. we wish 2 refinance. were told we must reaffirm first?.

    Asked by a user in Bothell, WA - over 3 years ago.

    This is not true. First, debtors (at least in Washington) do not reaffirm debts secured by real estate. It just doesn't happen. If a debtor chooses, they can continue paying the mortgage after the...

  • Notice of Sale

    Asked by a user in Redmond, WA - over 3 years ago.

    It really depends on the lender. Some lenders will issue the Notice of Sale immediately after the 30 days have passed, others don't do anything for months. I've seen both scenarios. If and when the...

  • How soon can a construction lien foreclose?

    Asked by a user in Seattle, WA - almost 5 years ago.

    Your construction lien can attach only to the property where the work was performed. Your lien claim must be filed no later than 90 days after you have stopped working on the project. If you have...

  • Can the court or Trustee take our only asset which is a car that is paid off and is worth $8500.

    Asked by a user in Phoenix, AZ - over 3 years ago.

    You'll need to check your state's exemption laws in regards to your vehicle. You may be able to exempt the car so that it will not be sold in your bankruptcy. I'd advise that you contact a bankruptcy...

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  • Am I still personally liable for my mortgage after Chapter 7 discharge?

    Asked by a user in Tampa, FL - over 3 years ago.

    No you aren't, the Statement of Intention does not dictate what debts survive the bankruptcy. If no reaffirmation agreement was signed then it was not reaffirmed and it did not survivie the...

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  • About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    Asked by a user in Columbus, OH - over 3 years ago.

    You need to discuss the decision to dismiss your Chapter 7 with your attorney. In order to voluntarily dismiss you ahve to Show Cause as to why the Court should grant your dismissal. A debtor does...

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