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  1. Will a postnuptual protect me from my spouse's creditors & debts?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. Susanne Ruiz Rodriguez
    2. Spencer Dion Parr
    3. Jeffrey Scott Hyslip
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    My colleague is correct- any agreement you have with your spouse will not affect your creditor's disposition toward you. You should meet with a local and experienced Bankruptcy Attorney to determine the most cost effective solution to this problem.

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  2. What happens when a savings account is garnished? Is there a limit to what can be taken, or will the account be reduced to zero?

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

    1. Samuel Michael Meyler
    2. Matthew Scott Berkus
    3. Spencer Dion Parr
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    While I agree with my colleagues, I'll add that 100% of the bank account can be garnished to satisfy the writ. Now, they can't take any more money than the writ calls for , but many times the writ calls for more funds than are in the account. This, combined with pending transactions, can many times lead to a negative balance and compounding NSF fees. You should give serious thought to calling a local, experienced bankruptcy firm for a free consultation to see what your options are.

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  3. When applying for SSD what do you do when you have valuable insured jewelry that you can't sell due to family sentiment?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. Thuong-Tri Nguyen
    2. Spencer Dion Parr
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    Depending on her work history, personal property values may not matter. What your friend should do is find a social security law firm in the area and call them to determine what remedy is appropriate for her. The person she speaks with would be able to tell her if personal property values even come into play.

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  4. I paid cash for a brand new motorcycle in 1999 and in 2000 I used the motorcycle as collateral on a loan.

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

    1. Spencer Dion Parr
    2. Martin W. Judnich
    3. Scott Benjamin Riddle
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    I have a feeling you clicked a button before finishing your question. If that's the case, and you want to reach out to me with your question, I'd be happy to help.

  5. Should I get a legal separation before filing a bankruptcy?

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

    1. Darrel Blaine Carter
    2. Spencer Dion Parr
    3. Brett D Weiss
    3 lawyer answers

    I agree with my colleagues. Generally, the best bet is to file a joint petition before filing for divorce. However, many factors can come into play when determining the timing. Most often it ends up being a spouse that is against filing bankruptcy. You should call a local, experienced bankruptcy firm for a free consultation to go over the fact pattern and determine the road you should take.

  6. What website to assess home value for bankruptcy filing

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

    1. Malcolm Wallace Ruthven
    2. Brett Francis Bodie
    3. Nikhil J Chawla
    4. Robert S. Simonian
    5. Mehran Ron Chini
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    9 lawyer answers

    Zillow, eppraisal, and tax assessed value are the three most common resources I've seen attorneys use to get a quick valuation for a home. If these resources cause you to question whether your homestead will be exempt, you should call a local and experienced bankruptcy attorney to get another perspective.

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