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Jennifer A Forquer

About Jennifer Forquer

About me

I understand the difficulties and emotional turmoil divorce can cause.  My practice involves helping my clients understand and make decisions about all aspects of their case, including parenting and child support matters, simple financial estates and complex of financial cases involving business valuation, the division of government and private pensions/retirement accounts, stock options/awards/grants and real estate.


I work with my clients to craft solution based strategies with the ultimate goal being to meet their unique needs and interests.  The long term well-being of my clients is important to me and while contested litigation is sometimes necessary or unavoidable, I find that practical advice and solutions often lead to the best long range outcomes. 


Most people wish to resolve their family matter in manner that is respectful and that best preserves their long term well-being and that of their children.  I work with my clients and the other side to help manage conflict and guide my clients toward decisions that meet their short term objectives and long term well being.


There are various ways to approach reaching a resolution.  The commonly seen options are self negotiation, attorney negotiation, mediation, the collaborative law process and contested litigation.  My experience allows me to provide my clients with information and advice not only about their legal rights, but about the various dispute resolution options and then guide them through their chosen process.  

In addition to being licensed in WA, I am admitted to practice before the US District Court Western District of Washington and the Supreme Court of the United States.  I no longer practice law in Maryalnd or  Washington, DC.  I resigned from the DC Bar in 2011 and went on inactive status with the MD Bar in 2014.


Born and raised in Alaska, I still enjoy being outdoors hiking, skiing and fishing.  During college, I spent my summer breaks from school working as a deckhand on commercial fishing boats in Cook Inlet and Bristol Bay.  I've lived both in the Washington DC Metro Area and here in Washington (Tacoma and Seattle).  I enjoy travel and engaging with different cultures and have been various places in the world including Japan, New Zealand, Mexico and various countries within continental Europe.  Currently, I find time to enjoy gardening, cooking and spending time with family and friends.  I still travel to Alaska each summer to spend time with family and to go fishing for halibut and king salmon.