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Brad Allan Lancaster

Brad Lancaster’s client reviews

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  • Probate

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joshua

    Was very helpful with my situation. he was able to help get things organized and also helped me understand what was going to happen with my case.

  • Intelligent, informative, and nice to boot!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jane

    My husband and I went to Brad for two reasons. The first was to get assistance with the estate of my late mother-in-law. The estate is in the form of shared titled to her house between siblings. The problem is that the estate is not being settled and the house is falling apart. There are a lot of intricacies in the situation. Brad did his absolute best to mediate and generate action, unfortunately unsucessfully as the other sibs are non-responsive. Brad was upfront and honest with us that trying to continue action to get the estate settled, would be vastly costly and wouldn't happen in our lifetime (I'm terminally ill). He could have continued just to collect his fee. But no, he told us what we didn't particularly want to hear, but what we needed to.

    We also saw Brad to get our end of life documents (DPOAs, Directives to Physicians, and wills) prepared. He made sure that we understood all the in and outs of each document and made sure we knew what we wanted before committing it all to legal documents.

    In both instances, one of the main goals of Brad's was to make sure we understood everything.

    Kim, Brad's wife and paralegal, is wonderful too. And they have a treasure named Sophia, their dog, who will make you smile in spite of yourself.

    My only bit of dismay was in being charged for two telephone calls - one to cancel an appt as I was ill, and the second to double-check the time of an appt. I figure that's part of 'doing business' but then again, I can understand the practice in order to avoid people calling and taking up other-wise productive time.

    I also very much liked the professional but at the same time, laid back atmosphere of the office. Brad didn't wear a suit and so I didn't feel I had to dress up to visit. I appreciate both facts very much. It felt very 'human.'

  • Business Owner

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Katarina

    Retaining Brad Lancaster as our business attorney was one of the best decisions we made when we opened our small business over ten years ago. Brad's genuine concern over our success and his commitment to us has been incredibly important over the years. Brad's advise and guidance has played a critical role in not only building a smart business structure but whenever we've faced challenging decisions along the way. Brad is always looking out for us and works effectively to minimize our potential liability.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Wendy

    I think Brad is not only an excellent lawyer but also a very decent and honest human being. From the very first time I met Brad and his wife, Kim, I felt welcomed and cared about. That feeling continued throughout the entire year I worked with them. Even though our business relationship ended, our friendship continues to this day! I was well served by this very capable and friendly team.