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$3,400,000 Department of Corrections Fails Again

Case Conclusion Date: 10.24.2012

Practice Area: Wrongful Death

Outcome: $3,400,000

Description: The State of Washington Department of Corrections failed to supervise a High Violent Offender on parole. DOC made no effort to contact or apprehend the High Violent Offender for more than five months, during which time she got high on Crack Cocaine and Methamphetamines nearly every day. She also manufactured and sold hard core drugs. Finally, the High Violent Offender was spotted driving erradically. Local police were notified, but when they attempted to arrest the High Violent Offender she sped off and a high speed chase ensued. Ultimately, while driving at 80 MPH - 90 MPH, the offender ran a red light and t-boned another vehicle, instantly killing the driver and permanently injuring the passenger.

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