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Gregory Stephen Colburn

About Gregory Colburn

About me

My wife, Lauren, and I live in the Ames Lake region of Carnation, Washington, with our baby boy, Alexander.  We also have a border collie/lab mix named Bailey. 

Although I always planned to become a physician, I decided to change my career path as a result of injuries I suffered while working construction.

While I finished my undergraduate degree at UW, I worked as a carpenter/laborer. On October 10, 2002, a roofing subcontractor's negligence caused me to fall approximately 20 feet, leaving me wheelchair bound for approximately 18 months. My experience in the wheelchair and later as a plaintiff gave me an education in the struggles faced by injured persons and provided the motivation for me to become an attorney.

I am lucky enough to say that I have recovered better than was expected.  I love advocating for individuals who are in the position I once found myself.

Prior to becoming an attorney, I played baseball at the University of Washington.  I grew up in Billings, Montana.

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