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Julie C. W. Martin

Julie Martin’s Answers

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  • Are salaried employees in WA state required to work 50 hours per week

    I am a salaried employee required to work 50 hours per week. This would total to 100 hours per pay period. However, my salary is divided up so that I am paid 88 hours per paycheck. Does this violate any Washington State Labor Laws? Am I eligible f...

    Julie’s Answer

    Businesses must comply with both state and federal ovetime laws. Although most jobs require overtime pay, there are several exceptions. Salaried executivie, administrative, professional, computer-related and outside sales employees are typically exempt from overtime requriements. However there are notable exceptions. For instance, a "white-collar" salaried employee, under Federal law, must make $455 per week to be exempt. "Blue-collar" workers are not exempt and must be paid overtime under both state and federal rules.
    Follow the link to the Washington Labor and Instustries' website for more information.

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  • What to argue against a contempt of court....

    My wife has custody of my daugter, but was kicked out. Mom helped pack the bags and dropped her off at my house. Had little or nothing to do with her and never asked for her back. Then her attorney started to file to change support cost so I le...

    Julie’s Answer

    It sounds like there are several things going on here. What is the hearing that you have coming up? If the last order entered by the Court grants you temporary custody of the child, your daughter should be residing with you. Have you tried to call the Northwest Women's Law Center or 211? They should be able to get you additional information (once you elaborate) and also point you to resources in your area.

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  • Changing from a C corp to a S corp.

    When we open our buisness we started out as a C corp and now want to change to a S Corp. Would we need to change our master Lincense in Washington state. Or is this just a accounting thing that we have to change?

    Julie’s Answer

    If you are only changing your tax election, which is what it appears, you do not need to contact the Washington Department of Licensing or Secretary of State regarding your Master Business Application. You will need to contact the IRS for this change and should consult a tax advisor to become aware of any tax implications.

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