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Antoinette M Davis

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Christine

    Tonie's got your back!

    I knew I needed to file bankruptcy but didn’t want to hire an attorney. I planned on filing myself with the help of some free legal clinics and a book I bought; I figured it was just a couple of forms to fill out, right? Wrong! There was so much for me to do that I kept procrastinating on filing and the next thing I knew, one of my creditors was taking me to court to get a judgment to garnish my wages. I looked online to find an attorney that didn’t appear to be the “ambulance chasers” of bankruptcies. I’m a Yelper but I guess most attorneys are reviewed on Avvo which is where I found AMD Law.
    I’m so glad I found Tonie! I was in a really tough spot when I went for consolation July 24th. By the time I left her office, I knew everything would be alright! She’s extremely competent, knows the ropes and most of the players in this bankruptcy game. She even knew the attorney that was taking me to court and called him personally to let him know she was representing me. I truly felt like she had my back.
    AMD Law provided me with step-by-step instructions on what documentation to provide, what to do, resources to do it, etc. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly as well. I was worried about a judgment hearing on August, 9th, AMD had me filed by the 8th and the hearing for the 9th was cancelled. Talk about a weight lifted!
    I hope to never be in this situation again but if I were, I’d go straight to AMD law!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jae


    Generosity: a: characterized by a noble or forbearing spirit

    This is what defines Toni Davis as a person and an attorney. She is generous with her time, her knowledge, her spirit and her heart. She has assisted me several times over the years and each time she was constant with her kindness, understanding, and compassion for my state of affairs. She takes the time to listen to your concerns, ask questions to understand your circumstances, and work with you to find the best and reasonable solution for your situation. If you are seeking an attorney that is articulate, knowledgeable, and professional, you should give Tonie Davis a call.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Clifford

    That bank can stick it.

    Tonie took on one of the big banks and filed a lawsuit on my behalf because they jerked me around on my loan modification and initiated foreclosure proceedings on my home. I was impressed by Tonie’s tenacity as she fought for me and helped to save my home. Because of her hard work she was able to obtain an injunction which halted the foreclosure.
    The bank was represented by a large law firm, but Tonie was not intimidated and in fact she stepped forward and refused to compromise on even small issues in my complicated matter that was hard fought for more than two years. She was able to identify and demonstrate how the bank’s policies and practices have potential to do harm to the average person. While her firm is small, she fights for her clients in a big way. I believe it is her attention to detail that makes her such a strong advocate for her clients. Tonie has a big heart and strives to set her client’s mind at ease throughout each stage of litigation.
    It’s good to know that even the little guy can prevail against the seemingly invincible big banks.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    Light in a storm

    Toni and her staff were extremely respectful of my challenging situation.

    My plan was mapped out in the first hour of consultation. I walked away from that meeting feeling relived, and despite the nature of the meeting, happy.
    Toni welcomed my friend a bankruptcy attorney from another state, and consulted with him about my situation. He was very happy with the answers she provided. He said it was just what he would do, if he could.

    My problem had many complications involving a divorce and a foreclosure. Toni lined up my options and guided me through the process with warmth. She offered to work with my Divorce Attorney.

    I really appreciated her understanding, because I felt as if I had been living with a head concussion for some months. Since my bankruptcy my life is predictable, and I am able to plan my future.

    I would recommend her without reservation.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jenny

    A Knight in shinning (pink) armor.

    On that day when you cry to God for a knight in shining armor to rescue you from the clutches of nefarious banks, (who couldn’t care less for the dot of humanity you are, and repeatedly ignore your every communication to find some reasonable solution to your own personal housing crisis), reach for the phone and call Antoinette Davies. Bring tissues when you visit her office. Relief will be palpable as soon as she reaches her hand out to you. Tonie has no agenda other than your well-being and to steer you from your legal quagmire. She is your true, blue friend from the moment you meet her and demonstrates that attitude all along the way with prompt and thorough replies at every turn. To save you money she encourages you to do as much of the paperwork as you can handle, and if you do not feel so inclined, she has competent office staff to do the work for you. She hugs you and genuinely cares about your plight. I know. I was there; alone in the daunting dark. Tonie took my hand and guided me to the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Travis

    Good People

    Tonie is a great person to know AND and commands a solid understanding of the law. I worked with her in a previous company and also reached out to her for some real estate advice. If you're looking for answers to your tough questions from somebody who gives it their all....give Tonie a call!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Amy

    Honest, knowledgeable, caring

    Tonie possesses a unique blend of professionalism, expertise, and genuine empathy. Foreclosure and bankruptcy were very difficult and personal decisions we had to face recently and we are very fortunate to have had Tonie help us along the way. Tonie is very well versed in real estate and bankruptcy law and she thoughtfully addressed the myriad of questions we kept sending her way. She was very transparent with us from the beginning and her prompt and detailed communication was much appreciated. Most importantly, Tonie truly cared about our case and her passion and warmth completely put us at ease.
    With Tonie’s help we filed for chapter 7 and were able to turn around an embarrassing and negative situation into a fresh start full of new opportunities. We strongly recommend Tonie.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Cheryl

    Best Lawyer in town!

    Bankruptcy is such a difficult choice. Antoinette was so kind and compassionate. Wish I could have met her on other terms... She is someone I would love to just be friends with. Maybe after this process is over, we can just be friends. I am sure everyone feels that way about her.

    It is very obvious she knows what she is talking about. She does not pull any punches, she tells you the truth. That is a FRESH breath of air... You can tell it is NOT just about the money... she is doing this because she truly cares about you.

    I would highly recommend Antoinette Davis. I cannot say enough about her and her staff.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by shinichi


    My wife and I was hit hard financially and had a difficult time. We were afraid of going into bankruptcy and have no idea of what to do. A friend of ours who used to work for a law firm gave us several names and phone numbers of layers who deals with bankruptcy. Antoniette Davis was our first choicelike "SHES" the one We met up with her .She was very understanding and kind. She made us feelthat she was there for us .She was very comforting. W did the process which was sometimes very frustrating and overwhelming. But we had set our mind and that we have to have faith and believe in Tonie cause this is what she does.And at the long road we finally reached the end of of the process and we are not officially discharge from our debt that was a heavy load on our back. TONIE, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR OUR HELP.,..and we will always remember you and we can tell others that we know who may someday need help like us that you are the person to call .We love you.....Thank you again

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    Highly Recommend!!

    I bought a used Jeep from a local dealer. I was naïve and somehow overlooked that with my trade-in I would still be paying $40K for a $17K Jeep. Two years into the payment plan I tried to refinance for a lower payment, but the finance company would not work with me; the Jeep was repossessed after only one missed payment. At this point the finance company informed me that I owed $20K after I had already paid $18K. They sold the Jeep for $12K. My account was turned over to collections. My wife began to receive harassing phone calls at work from the collection agency. The agency claims to have served us with papers, but we never received them. Because we were never served, we had no idea there was a complaint filed. The agency was able to get a default judgment and eventually our wages were garnished. We contacted Tonie and she immediately went to work to stop the garnishment. Ultimately she was not only able to negotiate the debt for pennies on the dollar, but also had the adverse reporting removed from my credit report. I highly recommend Tonie!!