After a serious of unforunate events and decisions on my part, I was behind on my home payments and being foreclosed. I had no luck negotiating with the lender and assumed I would have to declare bankruptcy. However, I wasn't truly bankrupt in that although my cash flow wasn't working out, my assets were all right.
Lee was able to demonstrate to the lender that I was not going to be foreclosed. At that point, the lender's collection agency became suddenly more willing to negotiate with me. Thanks to Lee's communications with them, I was able to avoid foreclosure thanks to negotiations. In addition, Lee advised me on a "hard money" loan contract that was, of course, absolutely predatory.
If you are facing bankruptcy, Lee is a no-nonsense kind of guy who believes the bankruptcy system exists for a reason. Don't go to him if you are trying to abuse the system, but if you are the typical honest person facing bankruptcy, he's great.