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Bifford S. Crane

Bifford Crane’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Licensing client

    Highly recommended lawyer.

    I got pulled over for barely expired tabs and then found an additional tick for no proof of insurance. $576 worth of fines! Somehow, Biff got all charges completely erased. Nothing will appear on my driving record either. Great work Biff!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Speeding Ticket client

    Do yourself a favor.....Hire this firm to represent you.

    Biff Crane is an AMAZING lawyer. He has saved my hide more times than I can count. Now, if I get any kind of ticket or infraction, I just drop it in his mail slot and forget about it!! He handles everything else and contacts me about the results of his work or any next steps. Thanks Biff!!!