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The Law Office of Puget Sound, PLLC (SoundLaw) is a boutique law and consulting firm in Seattle. 

We can help you start and grow your small business or nonprofit organization. We strive to be a legal partner for our clients for the entire life cycle of their businesses. We assist entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, artists, and nonprofits with:

-closing a business
-nonprofit tax status
-drafting or reviewing contracts, such as: bylaws, operating agreements, shareholder or partnership agreements, employment documents, personnel manuals, commercial leases, IP licenses or -assignments, and the like
-protecting intellectual property
-personnel matters
-industry regulations
-general counsel services
-social media, crowdfunding
-buying, selling, or merging a business (or nonprofit)
-an internal legal review of your practices and policies

We can help small businesses, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, startups, and artists:

-understand copyright and trademark law
-register copyrights and trademarks
-license or assign copyrights and trademarks
-litigate infringement
-protect trade secrets

We offer consulting services to small businesses and nonprofits regarding:

-strategic planning
-management, organizational culture
-branding, marketing, public relations, social media
-business plan or marketing plan creation
-investor pitches

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