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Richard Howard Adler

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sheri

    Outstanding support and tough advocacy

    Richard and his firm worked as an orchestra of expert, compassionate advocates on my behalf. I was unaware, due to my concussion, of what my medical and legal needs were after my car accident. Dealing with insurance companies calling right away, while experiencing the onset of physical and emotional pain, was overwhelming. I needed to focus on healing, but I was afraid of making decisions and of the implications of every call. I don’t trust easily and asking for help in sorting things out was hard. I called a few law firms that I saw on TV and was dismissed over the phone because I wasn’t transported in an ambulance to the hospital after my accident, and I was told that I could handle it myself. I felt very alone and scared. My doctor gave me a list of attorneys to call and at the top of the list was Richard Adler’s name. My doctor explained that traumatic brain injuries/concussions can be long-lasting and tricky, and recommended I call an expert in the legal field. I called Richard’s office and Mary Ellen (Richard’s right- hand person) spent 30 minutes on the phone calming me and helping me sort through the accident and next steps. Almost immediately, Richard called to introduce himself and to explain that my job was to heal and his job was to advocate for me to return to being whole again. For two and a half years after that moment I didn’t have to answer any more questions from insurance companies, they kept track of my medical bills and payments, and they checked in to see how I was doing on a regular basis. My case was resolved with outstanding competence and thoroughness in every detail, and I could not recommend Richard Adler more highly!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Theo

    Very Pleased

    AdlerGiersch gets results! You can count on AdlerGiersch to advocate on your behalf with integrity, empathy and authority. I came to AdlerGiersch after having interviewed and rejected several other personal injury law firms. The moment I sat down to discuss my claim with Richard Adler (and his paralegal, Mary Ellen Bolden) I knew that I had come to the right place. I felt their instinctive caring and high level knowledge of medical conditions as I explained the circumstances surrounding my significant personal injuries. They worked closely and comfortably with me throughout the entire process of preparing my claim. It soon became evident that Richard Adler understood my medical condition as thoroughly as my attendant physicians. His knowledge and expertise related to head injury is particularly noteworthy. I highly recommend that you meet with attorneys at the law firm of AdlerGiersch before selecting a personal injury attorney to represent you. I am totally satisfied with every aspect of my relationship with them...including a favorable settlement, that was better than I had hoped for.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jon

    Richard Adler is a gem

    I was apprehensive about hiring a personal-injury attorney after my wife’s debilitating car crash. I’ve had a long career with a respected, top-notch insurance company and typically saw trial attorneys as adversaries. But after my wife’s great experience with Richard Adler, I’m reminded there are caring, capable, ethical, expert professionals in all disciplines and walks of life. Richard Adler is one of those.
    Richard was my wife’s staunch advocate. He understood her post-crash trauma, empathized with her, gave wise counsel, and calmly guided us through the unfamiliar legal process with a confident yet unpretentious manner. He’s personable, and he prioritized her recovery above a settlement – first things first.
    Richard articulately framed everything in layman’s terms for our novice understanding. And then he tapped his knowledge, skill, and expertise to help earn my wife a fair, reasonable settlement.
    If a friend or family member ever needs a personal-injury attorney, I won’t simply recommend Richard. I’ll urge them to call Richard Adler.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Luanne

    I'm very pleased with Richard and our results

    I was struck and injured in a violent car crash. Later I was referred to Richard Adler by someone I respect and trust.
    I’m so glad I contacted Richard. I dreaded the whole legal process but knew I needed a personal advocate, someone who would fight for me. Richard and Mary Ellen were empathetic and concerned for my future. Richard was able to use his excellent negotiation skills to achieve a fair settlement and avoid a trial, which was important to me.
    The outcome was better than I expected! I’m very pleased with Richard and our results.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Eddie Ho

    Highly competent and yet genuine passionate and caring. I would recommend to anyone

    After talking to more than 30+ lawyers on the phone, I was tired, disappointed, and even thought maybe it's not going to work out for us. This all changed after I talked to Richard. A few minutes on the phone with him and I knew that this is the right person to represent us. Unlike other lawyers, Richard actually made me feel that he cared, he took the time to listen instead of just telling me about numbers and percentages. This impression was confirmed after meeting him personally. I felt confident that we were in good hands.
    Richard and Melissa handled our case from beginning to the end with total professionalism. They always kept us updated with what was going on and what was the next step we would take. They answered my questions quickly and made sure that we were well informed with our options. Richard totally impressed me (or I should say "shocked" me) with the final negotiation with the defendant's lawyer. This is where his 30+ year experience shows. This is the one you want to be in your corner.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jim

    Rear ended by hit and run, drunk driver resulting in head trauma and severe spinal damage

    Mr Adler was terrific. He had great follow through and was able to share his vast knowledge of head trauma and nerve damage. He also was able to reach a settlement of three times more than I originally expected. I would highly recommend Mr Adler and his marvelous staff to anyone that is seeking legal help for injury claims.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Highly Recommend!

    Last year, a driver fell asleep at the wheel and struck my daughter’s car head-on. She had a bad cut and abrasion on her head, and an extremely bad break in her ankle. Her wrist was fractured, as well.
    My husband and I were alarmed by our daughter’s description of the other driver’s behavior, making us believe he might not be a stand up kind of guy. We realized our daughter’s injuries were such that she would have a potentially bad facial scar and a lifetime of dealing with the extensive damage to her ankle. Thankfully, the other driver carried insurance, but we were concerned because he had the same insurance carrier we have. It stands to reason that the insurance company might be more concerned with protecting itself, as opposed to looking out for our daughter’s best interest. Hence, the search for a lawyer.
    We consulted with three lawyers and Richard Adler seemed the obvious choice, though ultimately, it was to be my daughter’s call. I think it fair to say that she was impressed with Mr. Adler’s calm, friendly, approach. He outlined an anticipated progression of events, and a realistic potential financial outcome.
    We never would have been able to navigate our way, on our own, through what can be a complicated process. We did not have the knowledge or familiarity of the insurance process to have known how to gain the maximum outcome for our daughter. Richard Adler and his staff handled it all with professionalism, and in a timely and pleasant manner. I believe they did all that was possible on her behalf. Also, it was hugely helpful and stress relieving to have Mr. Adler’s staff handling communications with the insurance companies (both car and medical), and dealing with payments to medical providers.
    He and his staff had the foresight, and took the time, to give our daughter some great advice about not engaging in careless spending and considering investments instead. They also recommended she keep her financial situation private in order to avoid being asked to lend money, something that might not have occurred to us.
    Hopefully, we will never require Mr. Adler’s services again, but I would not hesitate to utilize them, if needed, and I would heartily recommend him to anyone with a similar need.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Frank

    Credibility and Diligence!! I will recommend Richard, and his Team, to anyone I know!!

    Richard, and his Team, including, Mary Ellen Bolden, handled my accident, and back injury, with the professionalism, and diligence, I normally can expect, only from those closest to me!! I had no previous history with Team Adler, however. was referred by a very reputable medical friend... I felt completely confident and comfortable with the Team, from the moment i first met with them!! I had been in some serious pain, and this was my first time dealing with a personal injury claim.. Richard, took the pain of this process, on his shoulder's, and allowed me to concentrate on my recovery from Surgery... I fell indebted to Richard and his Team, and will confidently refer anyone I know, to his firm!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tracy

    SUV versus Bicycle near EMP and Gates Foundation

    I was involved in an automobile and bicycle accident in which I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. I ended up losing consciousness at the scene of the accident, a subdural hematoma and spent 4 days in Seattle's trauma hospital. Luckily I had a friend refer me to Mr. Adler. I spent 4 months under work restriction. Mr. Adler and his staff were life savers in handling all of my medical billing which was a daily occurrence when I went to my mailbox. I think I would have lost what little of my brain that was left if I would have had to deal with everything that was coming at me after the accident. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the case considering the fact that the driver's insurance had a clause that allowed her policy to not have to pay PIP coverage since she was an Oregon driver who hit a non-Oregon resident. Even with that clause; however, they were still able to coerce her insurance to release funds to me as well as my insurance company to release my PIP coverage and my Uninsured Motorist funds. I would definitely consider using them again.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Car Accident client

    Trustworthy, Compassionate and Effective

    I suffered injuries from two collisions within the span of a year. I was rear-ended in both, leaving me with mostly back and neck injuries. Richard was not only compassionate, but involved and effective. He's a senior member of the firm, but he treated me almost like family every time I saw him. He cared about getting to know me first, so he could then advocate for me better. Without hesitation, I would recommend Richard to any friend or stranger who needs someone in their corner.