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Mark L. Alexander

About Mark Alexander

About me

One of the states in which I am admitted licenses me not only as an attorney but also a “Counsellor at Law”. I best counsel my clients as a supportive but calm buffer during their time of stress and emotion. With over 30 years in practice, I can clarify what seem to be incomprehensible procedures and legal gibberish to my clients, and explain how their facts fit into the legal factors the court weighs in deciding the issues.


If safety is not an overriding concern, I believe my client’s best interests (both emotional and financial) are served by negotiating agreed orders when possible, minimizing the mudslinging common in contested hearings. When hearings are necessary, my background as an accomplished debater, and writing skills derived as a legal writing instructor and Harvard English major, both help persuade the court.


In addition to full representation, I also offer hourly advice / drafting ("unbundled") legal services to individuals representing themselves. When the parties have their own attorneys but are unable to reach agreement, I have also served as mediator in settlement conferences since 1997.


Life is not all work, though. In my free time, I like digital photography, paddling a kayak, hiking, squash, tennis, cross-country skiing --- and playing Wii tennis, baseball, and bowling. Finally, I love tasty food and drink enjoyed with my wife and other good friends.


Favorite quote (from the late Judge McCutcheon, during a trial several years ago): “There’s still room in the law for common sense.”

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