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Rand L. Koler

About Rand Koler

About me

The first part of my career was spent as partner in a large international law firm, then I opened the Seattle office of a large regional lawfirm, where I was also a partner.   I found that the structure and attitudes of large firms did not fit how I wanted to practice law, so I decided to hang up my own shingle and practice law in the manner that I believe in. 


I believe that a lawyer has an obligation to be current in the law and maintain his/her analytical skills at the highest level but just as important is the commitment to the client. That commitment not only includes zealous advocacy, but honesty when the lawyer believes a decision is ill advised, and the duty to advise the client of changes in the law and events that might influence the client's affairs.  With my clients I aspire to a sense of trust and partnership in reaching a common goal, the welfare of the client.


My clients tend to stay with me, as they know they can call me any time and over time, as we get to know eachother,  a relationship of trust evolves that is not easily found.  For me the greatest pleasure in practicing law has been my realtionship with my clients and the sense of serving them well.