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Superb Lawyer

Posted by: Ron, a Contracts client over 4 years ago.

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I hired Philip more than 3 years ago.

Philip handled my Contracts / Agreements matter.

I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

40% of our life savings was lost due to trader negligence. We were told by several attorney's that due to contractual disclaimers as well as the difficulty in proving negligence, our case was too weak to litigate. Phil McCune turned the case into a winner. His legal acumen and tactical and psychological insight were superb. He outmaneuvered our opponent's at every turn, and when their defenses were undermined, exposed the firm's claims of poverty as false. In the end we received a settlement that exceeded the amount of funds we originally lost! Responsive, proactive and thoroughly reliable, his manner was both frank and realistic, as well as supportive and positive .In addition, Summit's support staff, from the receptionist to their legal assistants, were stellar. HIghest recommendations for Phil McCune and Summit Law Firm of Seattle.