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Marcus George Lang

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    Marcus Lang is not only a competent attorney who produces results, but is also a good person, whom you can trust!

    Earlier this year, I learned that I had to pay several years of back child support. I only had a small amount of money to offer for both, my future attorney and the mother of my child.

    Having been in legal trouble before, I have had several experiences with attorneys. The first attorney that I spoke with about this issue used a song-and-dance that I heard before,"I can do this...if...if... then if....maybe...". The one thing that the first atorney was certain of was his price. His price was twice as much as I would end up spending, well beyond what I could afford and the money that my family would end up lending me to settle this issue.

    The second attorney that I spoke with was also named "Marcus". He wanted about half as much as the first attorney, but only had a couple of years experience. However, he was willing to offer payments. Being a person with very limited resources, I thought I would call him back. When I called "Marcus" back, I heard a different voice. The voice was soft spoken and very articulate. I thought I had the wrong number. As I would soon learn... I did have the wrong number.

    I had actually dialed the number of Marcus Lang, a Seattle, Washington attorney that has been handling personal injury, wills and family cases for more than 20 years. After admitting my mistake, Marcus was kind enough to listen to the details regarding my current situation and past history (he offers a free 30 minute consultation). He not only said he could help, but made me feel confident that he could help. Very importantly, he offered to handle the case for $500 less than the previous attorney named "Marcus" that I had called.
    I know $500 may not be alot to many of you, but to me, it could be the difference between being homeless or not.

    After a couple months of negotiating, Marcus was able to get the amount that I had owed down to a fraction of the original amount. After pleading with family members and friends, I was able to get a couple of loans to satisfy the settlement. Throughout the entire time, Marcus responded promptly to my emails and was very professionally. When my finances were exhausted at the end, he worked for next to nothing. Unlike ANY of the other attorneys that I have had reperesent me, Marcus Lang has been the only one to care about doing his job professionally and my welfare. If you need an attorney, Marcus is the best! Thank you, Marcus.