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Kate M Forrest

About Kate Forrest

About me

I am passionate about being a strong advocate for clients during challenging times in their lives.  I understand how important family is, and will work with you to protect your rights and interests without adding unnecessarily to the stress, animosity, and chaos that can affect a family going through a divorce, custody disagreement, or other legal action.  My practice welcomes all clients, but has a particular emphasis on addressing the unique needs of survivors of domestic violence, military families, and LGBTQ families facing discrimination or extra hurdles.


Happy times can be challenging too, and I enjoy helping families that are expanding through adoption or assisted reproduction, as well as working out agreements between new partners who want to avoid future conflict.


I am an active volunteer with the King County Bar Association’s Neighborhood Legal Clinics and the Center for Children & Youth Justice's Lawyers Fostering Independence initiative, and I am dedicated to helping lower-income clients access legal help as a member of the Washington State Bar Association’s Moderate Means Program.  (Sliding-scale fee structure based on income and family size for households between 200% to 400% of the federal poverty guidelines.)