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Jason W Burnett

Jason Burnett’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Heidi

    Estate Settlement + Dispute with sibling's due to an inheritance *

    This had been an ongoing process of legal matters for the past 6 yrs until I met Mr. Jason Burnett
    I had been told by other legal lawyers it was a pool of snakes. Not many would take the case due
    to my sibling being a lawyer and a judge. Mr. Burnett knows his legal practice very well. Probate law, Litigation and real estate law. Jason Burnett took the bull by the horns and came back with Victory!!!
    If you are in need of a awesome Attorney dont wast your time with any one else. Jason Burnett
    is the one for you. Jason creates Miracles when others say they can and try with no prevail. Mr. Burnett steps in and delivers. He is the best of the best. Thank you Mr. Burnett you made my parents smile in the Heavens above making there wishes a reality. I am very grateful we met for you have opened up the door for happiness in my life . Thank you, Heidi Fish

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Char Smith

    Consider him first choice

    Jason represented me in a very contentious partition action. He was able to distill down legal issues so that I easily understood the pros and cons of my decisions during what was a very stressful time for me. Having an attorney that is knowledgeable and experienced is a must. Jason is both. His skills during the mediation were excellent. No surprise the outcome was in my favor. During this process I always felt Jason "had my back".
    Since that time I have consulted with Jason on several other estate and property matters. He was the obvious choice when estate documents needed to be drawn up.
    I will recommend him to others without reservations.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Patricia

    When the perfect lawyer was needed by a grieving, lost soul, Jason W. Burnett stepped up and went above and beyond.

    As someone who has never needed a lawyer before, I was lost. I had never been involved with a lawsuit before, and as my first foray into the legal world I was completely unprepared. After the death of my partner/husband of 21 years due to cancer, I had discovered he had failed his fiduciary duty as the Trustee of his deceased parents Trust. My husband had left me the sole beneficiary of his estate, leaving me to restore his parents trust to it's original state and clean up, as it were, his failures as Trustee. At the same time my husbands adult children from his second marriage had been trying to remove me from my husbands will, to try and steal from the Grandparents trust of which they had been disinherited from. At a time when I was deeply grieving and suffering emotionally, I was referred to Reed, Malnati, Longyear and Ahrens PLLC. I met with them and Jason Burnett was assigned to my case. If there is such a thing as angels, Jason is one of them. At a time when I was so distraught, fearful and broken, it was Jason who helped me navigate the legal world and led me through the most difficult time of my adult life, not only legally speaking, but as an ear when I needed one. His compassion, strength, legal expertise, articulate and well thought out petitions on my behalf were more than I could have ever hoped for. I was and am still eternally grateful that Jason Burnett was my representative. He helped me return my late in-laws trust to it's original form, which honored their wishes and stopped the slanderous lawsuit to try and stop me by my late husbands adult children. The legal process moves slowly, but Jason was there every step of the way. He not only fulfilled my need for legal representation, he was a trusted friend when I was at my worst emotional distress. If ever there was an attorney that one could depend on to be knowledgable, kind, respectful, compassionate and honest, it's Jason W. Burnett.