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Nobody wants to have to hire a lawyer, but when you do, do it well. Money spent now on high quality legal help may prevent lots of heart ache later. When serious matters arise, you want to be able to say, "No matter what the outcome, I gave it everything I had to give." Call our office for a free consultation. Willie Williams will greet you and direct your call. We are here to serve your needs.


I have always fought for the underdog.  I fight for good people who are accused of having done something wrong.  I don't judge my clients, I listen to what they have to tell me.  

I keep my clients informed and explain what I am doing.  I work hard to find the weaknesses in the government's position and to present the strengths in ours.  We don't always win, nobody does, but my clients know that they fought hard with top quality advocacy from a dedicated professional. 

I also represent innocent victims of negligence.  I have secured monetary settlements and jury awards for the victims of police shootings, school negligence, and governmental abuse.  I represent people against insurance companies.  I stand with those who feel they don't have a chance against governments and companies that think they call all the shots.