SPC, (E-4), U.S. Army

Stephen Hayes Carpenter JR

Case Conclusion Date:December 10, 2012

Practice Area:Military Law

Outcome:Sentenced to serve 12 months, and 2 weeks after good time deduction and pre-trial punishment reduction. Bad conduct discharge, reduction to E-1, and $2500 fine.

Description:Charged with making a false insurance claim and 10 separate incidents of on post larceny. Soldier faced maximum sentence of 50-years in prison. Military Judge suppresses client's confession. Client enters into pre-trial agreement. Government dismisses all but 4 charges. Court awards 23 days pre-trial credit based, in part, upon pre-trial punishment inflicted by command. During his sentencing argument prosecutor had vehemently requested judge impose 3-year sentence of confinement.

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