SrA, (E-4), U.S. Air Force

Stephen Hayes Carpenter JR

Case Conclusion Date:November 14, 2012

Practice Area:Military Law

Outcome:Board members find Airman did "not" engage in maintenance malpractice alleged by Article 15s, and retains him in service. Board specifically finds "no misconduct" related to 2/3 allegations. Client will retire with full benefits.

Description:Airman with over 17-years in total service faced separation after two Article 15s and several other instances of maintenance malpractice addressed by letters of reprimand. Squadron Commander finds him "guilty" at prior Article 15 proceeding(s), and Airman was reduced in rank - twice. Command group then initiates separation with a General Discharge and no P&R opportunity. Airman hires Capenter Law Firm to fight the baseless allegations.

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