Stephen Hayes Carpenter JR

Stephen Hayes Carpenter JR

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Stephen H. Carpenter, Jr., manages Court & Carpenter, the only civilian law firm with offices located in the United States and Europe that exclusively practices military justice.  Its lawyers specialize in defending courts-martial, involuntary separations, and military investigations.  The law firm similarly represents service members with their criminal appeals before the various service courts as well as the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF).

Mr. Carpenter has been ranked from 2009-2014 by one ranking service as one of the country's best civilian military lawyers. Indeed, he has consistently earned more positive client reviews than any other civilian military defense lawyer in the United States on

The law offices of Court and Carpenter are geographically situated in Stuttgart, Germany and Seattle, Washington. These multiple locations assure clients receive prompt, professional, and personal face-to-face attention. 

Consistent with this focus, Court & Carpenter has been retained on military cases throughout the world, to include prior representations of Sailors in San Diego, Airmen in Montana, Soldiers in Kaiserslautern, Marines in Quantico and Coast Guardsmen in Honolulu.  Court and Carpenters’ team of dedicated lawyers are highly experienced in military law.

Mr. Carpenter formerly served as the Chair of the Washington State Bar Section’s Legal Assistance to Military Personnel (LAMP):.




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