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Ramer Bundlie Holtan JR

About Ramer Holtan

About me

After 35 years with Perkins Coie in a "big-firm" litigation practice, I have since been afforded the luxury of evaluating and accepting engagements to which I can commit on all levels at an affordable price.  My experience and competence across a broad range of litigated disputes speak for themselves.  I'm proud of my association with my friends and colleagues at Savitt, Bruce & Willey, LLP the past three years.  But it's my time, my interest and my creative energy that drive my practice.  With the Savitt firm, I can offer big firm intellect, know-how and clout in prosecuting and/or defending claims.  On a more personal and entrepreneurial level, I am pleased to assist in the review and evaluation of other prospective claims with economic appeal that might require alternative fee structures.


I am not a "tech" lawyer and do not usually accept family law matters.  Please call to discuss other opportunities.  I'm not going anywhere: I have three children, nine grandchildren and a number of other passions in the Seattle area, as well as east of the mountains.